Pokemon 2019 Episode 93 Release Date And Spoilers


Episode 92 really showed the devotion of Ash’s Pokemon, Gengar as it succeeds in being able to do Kyodaimax. We also meet the mysterious ghost boy from the previous episode and learn about his identity as the Lateral Town’s ghost gym leader.

With his instruction to find dai mushrooms and prepare dai soup, Gengar finally manages to undergo Kyodaimax and become even stronger. What next adventure will Ash and Goh encounter? We’ll find out in Pokemon 2019 Episode 93! If you’re curious about the upcoming episode, read on.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 93 Release Date 

The series is going on a two week hiatus. So, Pokemon 2019 Episode 93 is scheduled to release on Friday, January 14th, 2022.

Recap of Pokemon 2019 Episode 92

In Episode 92, we see Ash and Goh somehow ending up boarding a Ghost Train. Along with a mysterious masked boy, the duo calm down Mirukage and finally reach Lateral Town in Galar. Ash is in Lateral Town to meet a gym leader who is supposed to help him make his Gengar Kyodaimax.

When Ash and Goh navigate their way through the place and reach the town’s gym, they’re pleasantly surprised to find that the gym leader they were searching for is in fact the mysterious masked boy, Allister, who they met earlier. Initially shy, the boy eventually takes Ash and Goh to the gymnasium where Gengar attempts to Kyodaimax.

But, even after giving it their best, Ash and Ganger fail. Allister informs them that Gengar can only Daimax but that they could make him Kyodaimax by making him consume soup made from dai mushrooms.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 91

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An excited Ash asks Allister about the process to find the mushrooms. They then head to a grave that has Galar Particles. These are small ghost-type Pokemon who will swiftly attack if they’re disturbed. Ash with the help of Gengar flies over them and pulls out a mushroom. 

Though Ash is careful not to touch the Galar Particles, his cap accidentally falls on one of them. But luckily, Goh manages to capture the Galar in his Pokeball before it could harm Ash.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 92

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They find the next mushroom deep in the woods. While trying to attain this one, they come across the Ohrot, a human hating Pokemon. They try to escape from it by running away swiftly. They obtain the last mushroom from Draunch, a caretaker Pokemon.

After this, the team goes back to the gym and Allister makes the soup. After consuming the soup, Gengar is finally able to Kyodaimax. Ash and Goh then thank Allister and return to the Ghost Train to resume their journey.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 92

What Can We Expect from Pokemon 2019 Episode 93?

In the next episode, we can expect to see Ren, Professor Cerise’s assistant, and his Magnemite, called Francois.

Pokemon 2019 Episode 92

We’ll get to see how Ren and his Pokemon first met each other and learn about the kind of adventures they’ve had together so far.

Where to Watch Pokemon 2019 Episode 93 Online? 

You can watch the series on sites such as Netflix, Pokemon TV. It is also available on Amazon Prime Video UK.

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