Pokémon Go celebrates spring with a new event


Pokémon Go is celebrating the arrival of spring with a new event. This begins on Sunday, April 4 at 10:00 at the local time of each country and conclude on Thursday 8th at20:00. While the event is active, several Pokémon such as Chansey, Pikachu or Happiny will appear with flower crowns in the mobile video game and Mega-Lopunny will appear for the first time in the game.


The event will include unique field research tasks to give as a reward for the Pokémon Rufflet, which may appear in multicolor form. There will also be a Spring Collection Challenge that upon completion will award Mega-Lopunny Energy, a Lucky Egg, and Experience Points. In addition, the lucky eggs will last for an hour. When an egg is hatched, the distance to hatch it will be reduced to half; and when the Pokémon hatches, twice as many candies will be obtained.

Additionally, in this week we have seen for the first time the Tótem form of Tornadus in raids of Pokémon Go. This one can be challenged until next Tuesday, April 13, and this time it cannot appear in its multicolor form.

Tornadus Totem is a Pokémon from the region of Unova that was introduced in the fifth generation Pokémon. He is part of the trio of clouds with Thundurus and Landorus, who have already appeared in the raids of the popular mobile video game. As it is a flying-type Pokémon, its greatest weaknesses are the ice, rock and electric types, so it is recommended to use some Pokémon such as RaikouMelmetal , Zekrom or Tyranitar to win it. Your combat points to have a 100%, IV must be 1837 without being boosted by atmospheric weather, while if they are they must be 2296.


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