Is Zemo God Or Bad In The Falcon And The Winter Soldier?


Zemo went from the guy we cannot stand to he is not so bad after all in just one episode. Marvel fans may have grown a soft spot for Zemo, thanks to Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Years of Hate

The character Zemo had to put up years of hate, even though he may have had a point. Well, killing some officials along with the king of Wakanda was not his brightest idea.

He has put up with Marvel fans hating him because he was the one who actually succeeded in separating the Avengers.

Loki tried, Ultron tried well, even Wanda Maximoff attempted, but nothing worked. So, we should hand it to Zemo for being smart. Well, that’s not all he is now, is he?

The Rich and The Richest

According to what we saw in Civil War, Zemo looked like a guy who lost his family in Sokovia the same way Wanda’s parents died. You know, living in a small apartment, no way to get out.

But boy, were we wrong! Now that we know Zemo is rich, we actually understand how he was so resourceful. How he found out things, even Fury or Stark didn’t think existed.

Well, that just proves that in the Marvel Universe, just like the real one, money does everything.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War..Zemo (Daniel Brühl)..Photo Credit: Zade Rosenthal..© Marvel 2016

Do We Like Him Now?

Maybe it’s the Monday blues talking, but we may like Zemo a little now. After the blip and seeing Isaiah’s condition and even after seeing how Steve Rogers was treated, we may start to second guess everything.

We started to think that superhumans or Avengers are the ones who protect us, but they can destroy many things too, because, after all, they are still humans.

We saw the treatment Isaiah Bradley got, and when Sharon Carter said not everyone sees rainbows and sunshine, we kinda understood.

But she may be up to something so let’s hold on to that for a while. But Zemo, even though he chose to use a purple mask, actually saved their butts.

As to why he saved them and why he came back and acted like it wasn’t him, we still don’t know. As to shooting the weird scientist, well, that’s Zemo’s way of making sure he doesn’t create any more of the serum.

Zemo may have something to hide, but him coming back to save them meant that he didn’t want to kill them. But it’s Zemo, so let’s put a pin on it.

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