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Popstar, featuring DJ Khaled, Drake and Bieber is out now!

Justin Bieber, ahhh…was once every 16-year-old’s dream boy. Now married to model Hailey Baldwin and have been out of trouble since then.

His Shenanigans:

Bieber was continuously in trouble in the past and has made headlines for his on and off relationship with Selena Gomez. But then Bieber got his life together, and then all of a sudden announced his engagement to Hailey.


Big boy pants:

But we are happy for the couple because it looks like they compliment each other, and mainly she keeps him out of unwanted trouble. Hailey faced many backlashes from Selena’s fans after the marriage, even though Selena herself reminded quiet.

Businessman Bieb!

Bieber has been running an apparel company called Drew. But that’s not why we have your attention today. Bieber featured in a new video that dropped yesterday in Youtube for DJ Khaled and Drake’s favor (which we are not complaining).


The video starred Justin doing a favor for Drake and starring in the video instead of Drake himself. The life of a pop star! Who better to start in it than the pop star himself?

Bieber is shown leading a popstar life with parties and girls and every luxury, and he wakes up from the dream to his wife Hailey in the bed and then gets back to reality and goes to walk the dog with her.

Prophetic dream?

Bieber thinks it was just a dream and goes dog walking while all of a sudden, he gets a call from Drake. Making Beiber’s eyes pop as if, “did I get a prophetic dream?”

Justin was also seen lip-syncing to Drake’s voice, which mentions his ex Selena Gomez and even his friend Ariana’s name in a line. Bieber did a song with Ariana recently called ‘Stuck with You’. Which was nominated and also won in the VMAs.



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