Record of Ragnarok Chapter 55 Release Date and Spoilers

buddha vs zeroduku Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok has been on a roll since it began. The very notion of gods fighting humans to decide the fate of humanity was quite impressive. And after six long hauls of enigmatic and surprising fights, gods and humans stand on equal points right now. Buddha going against gods to side with humanity turned out to enrage the Gods and the story has taken a startling turn.

The recent chapter ended on yet again a thrilling note. With Hades coming out from God’s side in the next battle, fans can’t wait to see who is going to challenge the King of Helheim? To know more about Record of Ragnarok Chapter 55, scroll down.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 55 Release Date:

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 55 will be coming out on November 25, 2021. However, the translation takes some time so one can expect a delay of 2-3 days.

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A Recap Of The Last Chapter:

Buddha won against Zerofuku and we are taken to the aftermath of the fierce battle. The crowd (humans and gods alike) is in awe of how powerful Buddha was against an opponent like that. To make it more charismatic, Buddha goes out with a victory pose and a smile. 

Buddha and Brunhilde Record of Ragnarok

After exiting the arena, Buddha is graced by Brunhilde and Gayl; he’s happy to see them. And then all of a sudden, he falls on the ground. It makes sense as he was stabbed and the battle was nothing but exhausting for him. He’s quickly taken to sickbay on a stretcher.

Before going in to treat his wounds, Buddha asks Brunhilde if she has got any candy for him. My man deserves a candy after the hell he went through. Brunhilde with a smile on her face says that she’ll send some candies to him later. Followed by a quick flirt before he spits blood and then finally taken to sickbay. Classic Buddha.


Enter Beelzebub destroying the research papers that turned Zerofuku into Hajun. From behind him emerges a humongous figure with two talking crows on his shoulders – Odin. He says that he waited for a long time for this battle and won’t allow it to disrupt it by any means. To that, Beelzebub just taunts him.

Beelzebub and Odin Record of Ragnarok

Cut to the next panel and we see Hermes looking at the scoreboard and narrating how humans and gods have equal points as of now.  It’s only a matter of one more win for humans and the momentum will shift to their side. Zeus seems to be very furious at the conditions right now as he didn’t imagine a scenario like this. 

So, the next one from God’s side must be someone who must guarantee a win as to once again bring the momentum to their side. After a bit of relieving tension through the help of Ares’ personality in the manga, we see Hades standing up to go next. For him, his reason for going in the battle is vengeance; for the death of his brother, Poseidon.


What Can You Expect From Record of Ragnarok Chapter 55?

Well, the battle between Buddha and Zerofuku finally came to a halt with Buddha emerging as the victorious one. And as we all know, the next one from God’s side is Hades, King of Helheim. 

Hades Record of Ragnarok

As of right now, I don’t think we can guess who will come from the human’s side. The reason being the erratic and surprising element of the manga. There is a possibility of last minute changes in the Record of Ragnarok Chapter 55. But hey, who knows for sure? Let’s wait and see what happens.

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Where Can You Read Record of Ragnarok?

Since it has no licensed digital or paperback release yet, fans can read the manga on the unofficial Record of Ragnarok website.


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