Dandadan Chapter 31 Release Date and Spoilers

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The craziness that Dandadan packs is nothing short of spectacular. It constantly reiterates a sense of wackiness and wholesome narrative that only makes it more amazing as a whole. The last chapter of Dandadan created a romantic entanglement through eccentricity and it was equally wholesome and hilarious. 

What’s next? Will the duo find themselves in trouble? Is there a pig-scientist on run? More importantly, when is the next chapter going to drop? Dive in and see for yourself. 

Dandadan Chapter 31 Release Date:

The next dose of craziness is scheduled to arrive on November 8, 2021. Be ready to grace whatever Dandadan Chapter 31 has to offer. 

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A Recap of Dandadan Chapter 30:

The half-baked man with golden balls is on the run; Momo and Aira are tailing him with the help of Momo’s telekinetic powers. After hearing that the man on the run has golden balls, Okkarun also starts to follow him. 

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Seeing that people are following him, the half-baked man proclaims that he can’t be stopped and do some amateurish heavy parkour to climb up on the roofs. But this comes with a cost as Momo and Aira are exposed to power lines and vehicles because they are literally swinging.

To counter the one-sided swing, she uses her telekinetic powers to attach herself to Okkarun too. It leads to Okkarun pulling both the girls towards himself and now they can think of stopping the man on the run. Momo still has a grip on the golden ball man and tries to stop him with the help of Okkarun.


Alas, the man is ballsy and wasn’t going to give up easily. He dissects himself so that he can escape from Momo’s firm grip; success falls upon him. And then, he runs away as fast as he can, the trio eventually loses him. But Momo’s doing some weird clap thing and is able to pinpoint the half-baked man’s location.

Turns out, she held onto his heart when he dissected and ran away. Pretty clever huh? Then, she politely asks him to show the golden ball that might belong to Okkarun; followed by Aira getting flustered funnily.

And then, all of a sudden, a voice cracks up from somewhere close. It says ‘Taro? Is that you Taro?. Then the ballsy man hurriedly tries to find where the voice is coming from and it turns out that she’s Hana, Taro’s lover/partner. Although she’s a half-baked bandaged torso.

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Taro picks Hana up and reveals how much he loves her and says he’d go to any lengths to protect her. This resonates with Okkarun as he also discovered vibrance in his life due to Momo only. The chapter ends with Okkarun getting inspired by the enigma in front of him.  

What Can Happen In The Next Chapter?

In Dandadan Chapter 31, we might get a new antagonist; the one responsible for Hana’s condition right now. To back up my statement, she also talks about how Taro has put himself in a ‘dangerous situation’ right now.

taro confessing to hana dandadan

But again, it can be something else too. I mean who knows how the mangaka even comes up with these kinds of sub-plots? No complaints from my side but hey, I can’t wait for the next chapter.


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Where can you read Dandadan?

The latest chapters of Dandadan can be read on Viz and Shueisha’s MangaPlus

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