Rihanna Apologises: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Hollywood celebrities getting in trouble for doing something offensive, it’s not new anymore, is it?

Savage Fenty Volume 2

Rihanna‘s Savage Fenty show volume 2 collection was showcased recently, and so many stars took part in it. It was the first-ever inclusive fashion show which made news for all the right reasons. But Rihanna, who took all of it into consideration, didn’t take her Muslim fans into her inclusive show.

Rihanna’s-Savage-X-Fenty-Show -Vol. 2


With fame comes its downfall. Anything a celebrity does or says is copy-pasted into the life of the fans. Fans adore people like Rihanna so much for being bold and speaking out about everything and definitely for her talent.

Rico Nasty

The show which took place in the last week has been deemed offensive by fans. While introducing the artist, Rico Nasty on the runway, while so many women are dancing in their lingerie, the background music is a version of Islamic Hadith.


What Is A Hadith?

Hadith is basically like the Mountain preaching of Jesus, like how Christians have verses and preaching given by Jesus Christ. Hadith, which is used here, is the teachings of Prophet Mohammad about the end times and the day of judgment.

For a sacred and composed religion like Muslim, using their Hadith anywhere other than suitable areas would be offensive, but using it in a lingerie show is something really wrong. Fans are expecting an apology from Rihanna and asking her to make a statement.

Where Is She?

Many fans have asked her why she did this while exactly so many Muslims are being tortured and killed around the world. As much as we love RiRi, everyone with common sense agreed that it was offensive and had been asking the pop star to give a statement.

Abu Dhabi 2013

Many didn’t just stop there, they took to twitter to show the news of Rihanna being sent out of Abu Dhabi mosque because she did an impromptu not appropriate photoshoot before the holy place. The caption of Rihanna posting those pictures didn’t sit well with some fans.


While the Fenty show brought a lot of inclusiveness, it definitely shouldn’t have forgotten a whole religion. It is always better to keep off of things which we don’t know and things which are none of our business, even if we are a top-level popstar.

After the issue broke twitter, Rihanna finally apologised.

Rihanna Apologise Instagram Story

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