The Best Movies Of Hollywood In The Year 2019


The List Of The Best Hollywood Movies Of 2019:

Some of the Best Hollywood Movies hit theatres in the year 2019. Furthermore, the year was quite weird for movies. The year even presented us with a lot of great movies. While some were complex and refreshing, others consisted of some dark comedy. Yet there were others which were simply great, to say the least. We also got quite a bunch of rehashes and reboots as well.

The following is our list of the Best Hollywood Movies of this year.

Avengers: Endgame, Probably The Best Of The Best Hollywood Movies Of 2019:

One of the most loved movies of the year, Avengers: Endgame is definitely a fan favorite. It is a three-hour worth payoff of over 20 Marvel movies, marking the conclusion of the Infinity Saga. Additionally, it has a three-act structure, which further gets divided into three disparate tones. We go through a fight, a time travel sequence, and a climactic battle as well.

American Factory, Amongst The Best 2019 Hollywood Movies:

Essentially a Netflix documentary, the film takes place in a Dayton suburb in Ohio. It is here where a GM plant closes and leaves numerous people without any jobs. A Chinese company then buys the plant and opens a glass manufacturing company, offering the same workers a chance to work again. However, they have to work with workers from China.

The most interesting part of the film is how it explores labor. It shows the way or working in America as well as in China. American Factory shows how differently the entire idea of labor or workforce is handled in different countries.

The Top 2019 Movies Also Includes Ford v Ferrari:

The film boasts of the classic old-fashioned studio movie like that of the early 1990s. With amazing movie stars, cars, a great soundtrack and three-dimensional characters as well, Ford v Ferrari attracts the world of today. We listen to the story of two creative underdogs who have a great passion for racing. This is honest handmade studio filmmaking at its absolute best.

Just Mercy, One Of The Best Hollywood Movies Of The Year:

Telling the story of the real-life superhero Bryan Stevenson, the film shows us how he dedicated his life to providing legal assistance to those on death row. He particularly favored those who had been wrongfully convicted. The film is not flashy, nor does it give us any surprising answers. However, it simply shows a man who cares a lot about people. And so, he spends his life trying to make the lives of the underserved, underrepresented and underprivileged better.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Amongst The Best 2019 Hollywood Movies:

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is just a delight of a movie. The best thing about the movie is the relationship between Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth. It is a story of two very lonely men, each quite successful, who are brought together by circumstances. But they stay together out of genuine love for each other. The scene when Rick and Cliff watch Rick’s episode of the FBI together is amongst the best. It shows their years of friendship, shared hardship, and love.

The Irishman Also Ranks Amongst The Best Hollywood Movies In This Year:

The Irishman is a masterpiece by Martin Scorsese. The three-and-a-half-hour film epic is a portrayal of mortality, unlike anything we have ever seen. The Irishman is a great example of the fact that you don’t have to relate to the film’s protagonist to empathize with him or her.

The List Also Further Includes Parasite:

This twisty drama by Bong Joon-Ho is hilarious, terrifying and heartbreaking, all at once. An emotional roller-coaster that starts with fun, the film then makes viewers anxious, until it becomes extremely sad. The film shows off Joon-Ho’s tonal directions. It also elegantly interweaves the story of two very different families in a way that feels entirely organic. Yet every single aspect of the film boasts of the idea of income inequality and the myth of class mobility in the 21st century.

Knives Out Is Also One Of 2019’s Best Hollywood Movies:

This perfectly constructed mystery keeps surprising us at every possible twist and turn. Daniel Craig is amazing as Benoit Blanc. And there is no wasted scene or moment in the film. Every set up is paid off, and every look, flash, or even noise is full of intrigue.

Little Women Impressed Viewers A Lot As Well:

This film by Greta Gerwig hit us good and hard. It is a story about growing up. However, it shows the contrast between the idealism of childhood and the harsh realities of becoming an adult. The film further juxtaposes these stages by giving us back and forth flashbacks of the March sisters as children and as young adults. The film is incredibly structured, scored as well as acted.

One Of The Best Hollywood Movies Of The Year, Marriage Story:

This is Noah Baumbach’s chronicle of a divorce, showing it from the beginning to end. The film is almost like a matter-of-fact, quite procedural-like in its depiction of the events happening in it. Baumbach structures the film in a way such that it provides understanding and empathy for both Charlie and Nicole. Audiences can see where they’re coming from, along with the love that still remains between them.

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