RUMOR: The Villain For Disney+ & Marvel’s Moon Knight Series Revealed

The Upcoming Marvel Moon Knight Series:

Moon Knight is one of the upcoming new shows from Marvel Studios. It will launch on Disney Plus, along with the other Marvel films and series. Recent rumours suggest that we may now know who the villain of the series is possibly going to be.

According to the rumour, a reliable source claims that Stained Glass Scarlet will be one of the villains appearing in the series. However, as of now, it is unclear if she would serve as the primary villain of the Marvel Comics Moon Knight series. Regardless, the source is pretty sure that she will appear in Moon Knight.

Stained Glass Scarlet As The Villain In Moon Knight:

Stained Glass Scarlet first appears in the comics in the Issue #14 as a villain. The character is a former nun. Furthermore, she has a psychic connection with Marc Spector. Additionally, she can also enter his mind through dreams.

She could be the main antagonist of the series. On the other hand, she might also be one of the multiple villains to appear in the series.


The Marvel Comics Moon Knight:

In the comics, Marc Spector is Moon Knight. He is a CIA agent who turns into a mercenary and makes millions. His wealth from being a mercenary and his investments give him a net worth between $50 million to $3 billion. Therefore, he gains a suave Bruce Wayne-style life. However, he has his last mercenary job in Cairo. And it is here where he is left for dying by a former colleague.

Spector then drags himself through the sands of the desert to Konshu’s tomb. Konshu is the Egyptian moon god. Although he is pronounced dead there, Konshu resurrects him. But the resurrection takes a toll on him as he develops multiple personality disorder.

The Different Personalities Of Marc Spector:

Then, when he returns to New York, he creates two new personalities, Steven Grant and Jake Lockley. While Grant is the millionaire womaniser, Lockley is a cab driver.

Furthermore, it is after this that he takes on the mantle of Moon Knight. Konshu grants him increased physical capabilities and periodic prophetic visions at night. Yet, even Spector himself is unsure whether Konshu is another personality of his own creation. Regardless, Moon Knight operates with different technologies, vehicles and costumes. All of these suit his various needs.

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