Sabikui Bisco Episode 11 (Iron Titan’s Entry!): Release Date, Preview, and Other Details

Sabikui Bisco Episode 12

In Sabikui Bisco Episode 11, Bisco sacrificed himself to kill Kurokawa, but the terror of the Ganesha Cannon still lingers. Pawoo is fighting off the machine to avoid a global catastrophe while Milo and Jabi still recover from the shock of whatever happened.

Will Pawoo disable the machine in time? Who is the sinister metal monster which will come on in this episode? Will Milo be able to fight the enemies without Bisco’s guidance? You’ll find everything about Sabikui Bisco Episode 11 in this article!

About Sabikui Bisco 

Sabikui Bisco is set in a post-apocalyptic Japan which has been ravaged by an arid wind. Rust is all that remains. The cause of this desolate state is supposed to be Mushroom pores.

Bisco Akaboshi, known as the “Man-Eating Mushroom,” is a wanted criminal archer whose arrows cause mushrooms to grow wherever they land. The anime follows his adventures with Milo and Akutagawa the crab as they search for the legendary mushroom Sabikui which can destroy all forms of rust.


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Recap of Sabikui Bisco Episode 10

Since Sabikui Bisco Episode 11 is not out yet, we can go over the last episode’s events. Bisco is dead. An automatic machine is pumping energy into the Ganesha Cannon as part of Kurokawa’s plan of spreading rust everywhere. 

Sabikui Bisco Episode 11

Pawoo intercepts at the right moment and disables the cannon. She also saves Milo who can’t stop going over Bisco’s final words. Milo poignantly says that Bisco will always be in his heart. On the site of the destroyed buildings, a rescue operation is going on. In the thick smoke surrounding the rubble, a massive hand shoots up and destroys a chopper. 


Sabikui Bisco Episode 11

It is Iron Titan. His figure is humongous and he shoots fire from his mouth. The tanks seem to have no effect on the monstrous robot which can destroy all the rust-eaters. A mound of sand buries Akutagawa. 

Sabikui Bisco Episode 11

Iron Titan is just roaming freely on the land and missiles and military attack don’t even scratch his metallic body. Milo takes on the monster heroically and shoots mushrooms at him. Milo gains an upper hand but then Iron Titan fire a massive ball of fire that engulfs both Jabi and Milo. 


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Preview and Spoilers 

Sabikui Bisco Episode 11 is titled “I’m Bisco”. The pink-haired girl talks about her eagerness to help in defeating Iron Titan. Thankfully, Milo is still alive and is aiding the forces to kill the metallic giant. We speculate that Milo will take over Bisco’s mantle, as the title suggests. Who knows, perhaps even Bisco might make a reappearance!

Release Date of Sabikui Bisco Episode 11

Sabikui Bisco Episode 11 will be released on 21 March 2022.

Where to Watch Sabikui Bisco?

You can watch the series on sites such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, VRV and Wakanim. It is also available on Muse Asia’s YouTube Channel.



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