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Scarlet Nexus Episode 4 Preview and Leaks!!

Scarlet Nexus Episode 4

Here are the leaks for Scarlet Nexus Episode 4. Scarlet Nexus is an anime adaptation of Bandai Namco’s videogame Scarlet Nexus. The new episode is titled ‘Red Strings’.

In Episode 3, Naomi is shot by an unknown assailant after she used her powers to protect Kasane. She is encased in ice crystals. Shortly, thereafter, she transforms into a huge Other. She goes on a rampage.

The other Scarlet Guardians tet to fight and subdue her. Suddenly, a group of mysterious people teleports Naomi away. Nagi and Kasane experience trauma after the ordeal. Fubuki orders the platoon to keep the incident a secret. She also informs them that she will report Naomi as KIA.

Yuito investigates the battle scene and discovers ampules. Kasane’s family disowns. The family condemns her for being unable to protect Naomi. Later, Karen tells Kasane that a group called Seiran is responsible for taking Naomi.

Kasane tells Yuito of her plan to retrieve Naomi. Yuito also shows her the ampules he found. The OSF is called to defend against a huge Other offensive. The platoon reaches the spot but discovers no signs of the Other. Nagi, however, has no recollection of Naomi.

OSF operatives led by Gemma attack the group. She accuses Seto of unethical research. Luka arrives and tells the platoons to escape while he holds back Gemma. Nagi approaches Yuito and Kasane.

Scarlet Nexus Episode 4 will cover:

  • Nagi fights Yuito and Kasane: The hospital visit leads to his brainwashing.
  • Karen Travers is a terrorist: He loses his faith in Japan and wants to change it.
  • There are three cities: New Himuka, Seiran, and Togetsu
  • Humans can become Others: The cities have been researching Other conversions.

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