Phase 4: What Marvel Shows Comes After Loki?

Loki Season 2 Trailer References the Avengers and Kang's Looming Threat

Loki left fans wanting more, and even though it ended the first season with a lot of questions and confusion, fans are quiet because they know they are not done seeing the God of Mischief.

Yes, God of Mischief will return for a second season, and that’s not it, already the movie world is buzzing with news of Loki making an appearance in the Multiverse of Madness movie.

It makes sense, given that he will know more about the madness than anyone since he singlehandedly got himself in this mess. Well, he got help from his variants.

Anyway, now that our Marvel appetite has grown more significant thanks to back to back shows and movies this year, a question that arises now is that,

Loki Episode 5 Spoilers: Loki Variant Apocalypse?
Loki Episode 5

What Marvel show comes after Loki?

 What If….? will be the show to drop in Disney Plus after Loki. The anime series will be dropping on August 11, 2021.

The show will bring back most of the characters that have died in the MCU. We will also get the last standing treat of seeing Chadwick Boseman for one last time in a new project.

Chadwick Boseman will play the role of Star-Lord in the series, and fans have already expressed their much-awaited delight after seeing the trailer.

What Marvel show will come after What If…?

What If...? Is Bringing The Weirdness To Disney+


Thanks to Phase 4, we will be getting some kind of movie or show very often. With most of them revived for a second season and some yet to be confirmed, we know that Marvel is going to keep us engaged for some years.

The next show is expected to introduce Hawkeye’s apprentice, Kate Bishop, through Hawkeye. The show is set to come out in the later part of 2021. Following it will be Ms. Marvel.

Both the shows have to fit into this year as per reports, given that Marvel is giving a new show every month. So after What If…..? is out and all episodes are released, we can expect Hawkeye within a month.

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