Sentai Filmworks acquire OVA license for Mushibugyo

Sentai Filmworks

Sentai Filmworks acquired the license for Mushibugyo’s OVA.

It will stream at select digital outlets.

Audiences in the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, and many more countries will be able to view the OVA.

The three OVA’s are also part of the manga’s 15th, 16th, and 17th volumes.


Mushibugyo is written and illustrated by Hiroshi Fukuda.


Seven Arcs Pictures produced the anime adaptation of the manga.

The anime is 26 episodes long and aired in April 2013.

The opening songs are Tomoyo by GAGAGA SP and Denshin Unchained by FREE Hebi&M.

The ending songs are “Ichizu” by i☆Ris and “Through All Eternity” by ayami.


Mushibugyo takes place in an alternate version of Edo Japan.

In this era, giant insects called Mushi are attacking people.

As a result, the Shogunate establishes a City Patrol that acts under the Mushi Magistrate.

They assemble warriors strong enough to fight the Mushi.


Jinbei Tsushikima is a young samurai who joins the city patrol to fight the Mushi and protect Edo.

He joins Hibachi, Mugai, Shungiku, and Tenma in the battles against the Mushi.

Sentai Filmworks is an American anime licensing company located in Houston, Texas.

They specialize in Japanese animation and Asian cinema.


Takayuki Hamana is the director of the series.

Takayuki Hamana also directed Idaten Jump, Jin-Roh, and Seven Deadly Sins.

The Japanese animation director is also attached to Trans Arts.

A second series also exists, which is a different version of the original anime.


The series, called Joju Senjin Mushibugyo, is a retelling of the original series.




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