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Yui Horie’s Adieu is Shaman Kings 2nd Ending Theme

Yui Horie's Adieu

Yui Horie is a Japanese VA and singer and is affiliated with VIMS and Starchild.

Her song ‘Adieu’ is the new ending for the anime Shaman King.

The official website of the anime confirmed the news.

The song’s digital single will be released on July 1.

Adieu is written by Ryujin Kiyoshi who also wrote the songs for Golden Time.

Horie is also the VA for Iron Maiden Jeanne, a character in the anime.

The anime premiered on April 1 and is ongoing.

However, Netflix will stream the anime from August 9.

The anime will consist of 52 episodes and Megumi Hayashibara performs the opening and ending theme songs.

Shaman King was written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei and he chose the topic Shaman as the concept was never done before in anime.

The plot follows a young Shaman Yoh Asakura who wishes to become Shaman King.

The Shaman King is granted a wish which gives them the ability to reshape the world.

However, in order to become one Yoh has to enter a tournament for Shaman’s called Shaman Fight.

This is held every 500 years and the anime follows Yoh on his journey.

Yui Horie is one of the few Japanese Idol VA’s who rose to fame in the 2000s.

Her reputation and popularity come through her solid experience and long-term engagement with the fan base.

As a result, she has performed solo at large music venues, such as the Nippon Budokan in 2009.

She has played many popular characters like  Kōko Kaga in Golden Time, Carla in Fairy Tail, and Wiz in KonoSuba.


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