Why There Will Never Be A Villain Like Thanos Ever Again


Hey, fetchers today we are going to discuss an important characteristic of the greatest MCU villain till now. The mad titan was many things an intellectual, strong, a terrible father, and even had a God complex. “But he was not a liar”. This candor of MCU’s villain Thanos is appreciable.

Mad Titan- Commandant of Truth

Thanos killed trillions and was looked upon as the evil destroyer, yet he was the commandant of truth. He was the only one making the hardest of choices, even if it meant letting go of the emotional attachments. In Thanos’ mind, he was being merciful towards those who perished with his snap, still did not suffer while being dusted into nothingness. And was being gracious to the survivors of the snap, as he was giving them a better future to build upon.

A Behemoth With Dignity!

Thanos was a man of honor. He never killed anyone without a reason. If he could get his work done by sparing lives, then he would bring into play that option without any hesitation. We saw this in the movie when he killed Gamora for the soul stone but spared Iron Man in exchange for the time stone.


His objective was only to bring a balance to the universe and for that, he was willing to do anything but lying was not one of them.

Thanos In Avengers Endgame

The genocide he committed on multiple planets, was done at random, for rich and poor alike. Titan killed Heimdall because the latter hindered his plans. Loki was killed because he tried to conceal the truth. The god of mischief first hid the tesseract with his illusion and also lied about pledging his allegiance with Thanos.

He killed Loki without remorse as in his mind he was killing the embodiment of lies. When Doctor Strange negotiated the time stone in exchange for Tony’s life the Titan readily agreed. Although Thanos could have killed the latter after getting the stone yet he didn’t. Thanos thought of himself as a noble. And he was the hero of his own story.

His Hatred For Lies!

Thanos lived by a code of conduct and lying was not part of it. He didn’t learn it while growing up and never taught his children to do the same. It was proven when he says to Gamora “ I never taught you to lie that’s why you are so bad at it”.


He never lied about killing Gamora when Starlord asks him. He was honest about reducing the infinity stones to atoms and did not give the Avengers a false hope of undoing his actions by lying.

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Nebula too confirmed that her father never lied when she said “My father is many things, but a liar is not one of them”. He even accepted how harsh he has been with her for years. This self-actualization shows, how truthful he was. Thanos’ moral compass was super strong and lived by an honor code, lying would have completely desecrated it.

He knew a fact that the universe had limited resources and if life would not be checked, it would cease to exist. The Titan wanted to instill the truth in the universe. His planet died in front of him but he could not do anything. Though he suggested his idea of saving but was cast out. However, he decided that no other planet would have to experience the same fate as his.  Nonetheless, he was the lone surviving Titan.

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According to Thanos ignoring that there are unlimited resources and we can continue to exploit them without check, is the biggest lie and he was determined to make everyone understand.


Do we know someone Comparable?

If we give it a thought then, Wonder Woman and Thanos would have gelled perfectly in another universe as the Amazonian is the epitome of truth. This is something we know after seeing the movie Wonder Woman 1984 as it is all about truth reigning over the lies. Also, her signature weapon ‘the Lasso of Truth’ is a validation. The candor of MCU’s Thanos and that of Princess Diana are at par.



Thanos was the best villain designed by MCU till now. His nature of always supporting the truth cemented his position at the throne of best Marvel villain. However, more powerful villains like the Galactus are to come. We have even seen the power of Dormammu. But we doubt that a villain as strong an honor code as Thanos’ will ever be vouched for. We will not witness the candor as great as MCU’s Thanos in the future.

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