Spider-Man 3: Marvel is Looking For Protestors and Reporters


Marvel is known for many things, and one among them is keeping the cast, plot, and spoilers deep under the cover.

Marvel Looking for Protestors

News of Marvel looking for casting Protestors and Media actors who would fit the profile of high school students and protestors from the age 18-50 have been doing the rounds from yesterday.

Fans and their need to know more

The news came out after one Twitter user @Whos_Nick posted that Spider-Man 3 is filming under the name “November Project” in Atlanta. This, along with a casting call by The Cattrell & Locke Casting Facebook page, confirmed fans’ speculations.

The company announced three different castings and all for the same movie, “November Project.” Marvel is known for its secrecy, and its fans cannot stop digging. So, it was bound to come out anytime.

Why are the Protestors needed?

Now the big question is, why are protestors needed. Like any other superhero movie, when the identity is revealed, you see a lot of press roaming around them, and first, people praise them, and when a little tiny bit goes wrong, they start protesting.


Now we saw in the end credits scene of ‘Spider-Man Far From Home’ that his identity was revealed, so we are sure Peter Parker is going to be crazy famous in the school, and the villains are going to find this out too. So, hiring actors to play media crew and protestors is natural.

Tom Holland is joining the cast soon

Tom Holland has finished his shooting for Uncharted”. He is on the last day of shooting today. Which means he will be joining the shoot anytime now.

Stunt Double Video

Things are heating up, and fans are too excited to see Holland back in the costume and start shooting. Tom Hollands’ stunt double also shared a new BTS video in prep for Spider-Man 3, and it is dope. Check it out here.

Well, maybe once Tom Holland is on the set, we might get more info on what is going on.

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