Spider-Man 3: Sony and Marvel Deal Extended

While we would love to say that it’s final and the announcement is official, before reading ahead, keep in mind this is a rumor, nevertheless a strong one!

Where it all began!

Spider-man has been a beloved Marvel hero for so long, but Sony has owned the rights for years. Marvel and Sony agreed and finally decided that the web-slinger will be a part of MCU in the Civil War film and some more movies to come.

Now that must be one of the best decisions Sony ever took because Spider-Man movies from then on went on to create a whole new set of records and garnered the attention of fans worldwide.

The Exit

To simply put, Spider-Man was redefined and went on an upgrade far bigger than Sony ever dreamed of. But last year, a contract dispute broke out behind the scenes between Marvel and Sony, and Spider-Man exited the MCU.

After fans worldwide conveyed their disappointment and keeping in mind how the Spider-Man franchise has grown after entering MCU, Sony and Marvel came to terms finally and decided to renegotiate.

Only Two More Movies

According to the summary of the deal we got, it is said that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has two more movies left with Marvel. One would be the now filming Spider-Man 3 movie, and another would be an unnamed and unannounced movie.

But for some time now, there has been a rumor that Spider-Man’s tenure has been extended. But now we have this rumor remotely confirmed as the DisInsider Show hosts shared the same rumor in the “Rumour of the Week” segment.

How are we sure?

While they simply just shared the same rumor as a rumor, there is nothing to be sure of. But, there are chances that it might be right.

Spider-Man 3 movie is shaping into a mini Avengers movie, to be frank. Now, why would Marvel go through all of this just for one film? It only makes sense if there was more to come in this pattern and that this movie is simply a stepping stone.

Is Marvel that generous?

Given that Marvel doesn’t do anything without reason, there might be a valid point in them making this movie way more significant than a normal Spider-Man movie or any other single hero movie of Marvel. Now, why would they do all this and simply hand it over to Sony to continue?

As fans, all we can do is spin theories and wish and hope that this is true. But it would be a plus for both Marvel and Sony to keep Spider-Man in the MCU, but it’s up to them to agree. Let’s just hope they keep our delicate hearts in mind while doing so.





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