Spider-Man 3 Update: Sony Releases Official Statement And More!

After a long time of rumours and fan theories spinning around the plot and casting of Spider-Man 3, Sony finally decided to grace us with their answer.

Sony’s Statement

Fans from across the globe are heartbroken after Sony gave their statement to ET Canada that “Those rumoured castings are not confirmed”.

After months of speculations and the company along with Marvel fueling some of those speculations with some sudden news like casting Electro from Amazing Spider-Man franchise and bringing in the expert of the multiverse, Doctor Strange, they finally put the rumours to rest.

But still, there might be hope as they didn’t say that those were out of the question yet. Maybe they just want it to be a surprise or whatever.

Don’t Trust News From Verified Accounts Too

Sony finally decided to open their mouth as recently some tweets from the verified account of comic book and superhero fans went viral saying that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are already on board.

Kraven The Hunter

Fans were happy after seeing the tweet but looks like the celebrations have to wait. Now among the rumours that were surrounding the film, one other was that Kraven the hunter might return as the villain. And yesterday, talk show host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel tweeted that he has been roped in to play Kraven the Hunter.

Jimmy Kimmel as Kraven?

Knowing Kimmel and the myriad of fake news that is spreading we pretty much think it was a joke. While some fans immediately speculated maybe that was his way of saying that Tom Holland will be visiting the sets of Jimmy Kimmel and releasing the title of the Spider-Man 3 movie.

She-Hulk Rumours

With so many rumours going around, I don’t think we can believe anything. Oh, on that topic, wait I have another one. Remember when Tatiana Maslany was announced as the lead in She-Hulk a Disney plus series. Yeah, that was too a rumour.

The Emmy winning actress denied that rumour and said it was, as usual, the doing of the press and that she is in no way connected to the series. What is shocking is, Mark Ruffalo tweeted and welcomed the actress when the news broke out.

Is Any Source Trustworthy?

So, either Mark is ultimately in no contact with his agent, or Marvel people as it looks like he is kinda on a mission to make Trump never step foot in the White House again or maybe the news was real. Maybe Marvel didn’t meet the conditions or contract of Tatiana. So they dropped her, or she dropped the project?

Don’t know man, everything is so confusing right now. So, in short, don’t believe any news unless it’s tweeted by Marvel, Disney or Sony!

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