Star Wars: Squadrons is adding B-Wing— and more in holiday update

Star Wars: Squadrons will be getting major updates with new content in these last two months: a new map, other ship parts, and new starfighter components in November, and two new starfighters in December— B-wing and TIE Defender starfighters.

This was announced in a blog post by EA Motives on Wednesday. Both updates will be completely free.

“Humbled. That’s the word of the hour for all of us on the team.” said the developers on the EA website, “We showed the game to everyone and the reception was so much more than we could have hoped for. It only became more intense after release, too, so we couldn’t help but start working on something a little extra.”

The November update is scheduled for the 25th and is called Update 3.0. Here are the new features we can expect:

  • Fostar Haven: The new map of the update, which is also the first place players visit when they play the single-player story mode. According to the developers, this location has been updated since the launch of the game.

“A fan-favorite location from the single-player story and one we’ve seen requested for multiplayer is Fostar Haven from the game’s first prologue mission. In this update, the map will be added to Fleet Battles and the Dogfight mode.” reads the blog.

  • Boost Extension Kit to add a speed boost for both fighters and bomber starships.
  • Access to Ion Rockets for fighters and interceptors.
  • Prototype Piercing Torpedoes for bombers and fighters
  • Lastly, Anti-Material Rocket Turrets for the two supporting ships, the U-Wing and the TIE Reaper

For the December update, we can expect two new starfighters— B-Wing, a bomber, and TIE Defender, a fighter, which are both fan favorites.


“These functions and a couple of unique components will help them differentiate themselves from the other starfighters in their classes and factions, but we’ve also made sure they aren’t outright better by default. There’s still going to be good reasons to pick a Y-wing over a B-wing or a TIE fighter over a TIE defender and vice versa. It’ll depend on your playstyle and what the situation calls for.” reads the blog post. Both are playable on VR.

Lastly, we can expect Custom Matches—which will allow one to five players on each side on two teams to play on any of the maps in Dogfight and Fleet battles with any customizations they like.

Check out the official Star Wars: Squadrons blog post here.

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