Wonder Woman 1984: Confirmed To Release On HBO Max and Theatres on December 25


Finally, the much-awaited DC film of the year, Wonder Woman, is set to release without any further changes, on December 25, 2020.

Not Bluffing!

Now, those who have been following these big comic book movies for this year very close will be sure that they are just bluffing, and the date will be rescheduled again. But Warner Bros. is pretty much confident about this one and is releasing on December 25 this year.

This news is old, so did we just make you read the article for that? Nope, definitely not! We have some good news for DC fans who are concerned about their health to watch it in theatres.


Good NEWS DC Fans!

Wonder Woman may be prepared for a big war in 1984

Warner bros. Along with the confirmed release date, announced today that the movie would also be released on HBO Max on the same day. Run and start begging your friends to subscribe to it soon!!

This news comes after a week where it was highly speculated that this was about to happen. Like many other movies, Wonder Woman has met the same fate this year and has been postponed so often. Gal Gadot and the director Patty Jenkins have been pretty sure about the December release date at first when announcing it, but the hype reduced when they were asked if those dates are still intact.


A Win-Win

Now that the fans have the two best options, they will be happy that Wonder Woman 1984 is finally releasing. Fans of DC, oh wait, fans of Wonder Woman, have been eagerly waiting for this.

Second Wave on First Anniversary

If the first film is any indication, then Wonder Woman 1984 will also be a mega-hit. But we don’t know if it will be a box office hit. All over the world now, during the time of the first anniversary of the Novel Coronavirus, it has taken a new form. Every nation, including the UK, Germany, Australia, USA, faces the wrath of the virus again in the second wave.

With these conditions, anyone with their sane mind will avoid theatres. But movies such as Wonder Woman 1984 belong on the big screen, but unfortunately, not all of us live in places where it’s a little safe to go to theatres now. So, fans have to adjust to this new norm.

The golden armor may signify a big battle in 1984.

Golden Eagle Armor

Gal Gadot will be seen reprising the titular heroine’s role in the second movie of the Wonder Woman franchise. Its sequel also stars Chris Pine, who was supposedly dead. So, we are excited to find out how he is still alive. Wonder Woman will also have two enemies to fight in the movie, Maxwell Lord and The Cheetah, thus explaining the heavy golden eagle armor she wore in the poster.

Releasing on HBO Max will be the safety net Warner Bros wants after seeing a movie like Christopher Nolan’s Tenet doing bad in the theatres this year amid the pandemic.




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