Strongest Magic Types In Black Clover Ranked By Power

Black Clover is an anime that is based entirely on magic. Every person in the anime’s universe is known to possess magic. And uses the same for purposes ranging from menial labor to something as significant as protecting the kingdom. Similarly, magic types also differ from person-to-person. Here is everything you need to know about the strongest magic types in Black Clover ranked by power.

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Blood MagicVanica using Blood Magic type (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Blood Magic is used by the Witch Queen and Vanica. It is one of the most unique magic types given that only one user each has been seen in the series from the Clover Kingdom and the Spade Kingdom. Blood Magic can be used to generate and manipulate blood. The same can be used to create weapons and control their targets by controlling the blood flow within them.

Spatial MagicSpatial Magic: Strongest Magic Types In Black Clover Ranked By Power

There are many Spatial Magic users in Black Clover. It is undeniable that the magic type is quite powerful if the user has a huge mana reserve and has mastered the right spells to use in battle. Spatial Magic allows a user to manipulate the fabric of space. Some of the notable Spatial Magic users include Zenon while being Beelzebub’s devil host, Finral, and Langris.

Star MagicStar Magic

Star Magic, possessed by Yuno Grinberyall, is a magic attribute that allows a user to generate and manipulate stars. It is a unique magic type that is passed down by the royal family of Grinberryall in the Spade Kingdom.

One can utilize a cluster of stars and use them to send attacks and teleport themselves to the location of another star with Star Magic. Moreover, multiple stars can be brought together to create constellations, generating stronger attacks and defenses.

Gravity MagicGravity Magic: Strongest Magic Types In Black Clover Ranked By Power

Gravity Magic, originally possessed by Devil King Lucifero, is the magic type that allows its user to manipulate gravity. A user can increase or decrease the gravity surrounding an object or a person to either have them fall or float up in the air. A user can create miniature black holes and warp spaces.

Time MagicTime Magic

Time Magic is quite possibly the most unique magic type. It was only possessed by Julius Novachrono, as revealed by Damnatio Kira. However, the magic attribute was originally possessed by the high-ranking devil Astaroth, who channeled his powers to his devil host Lucius Zogratis.

Time Magic allows the user to manipulate time, i.e., steal and store time from others, and use the same to accelerate, decelerate, stop, or even reverse the flow of time.

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Soul MagicSoul Magic: Strongest Magic Types In Black Clover Ranked By Power

Soul Magic is considered to be the most powerful magic type in Black Clover, considering how it can be used to manipulate the souls of the user’s target. Given that a person’s soul is the root of their well-being, altering the soul allows the user to affect aspects of the target.

Lucius Zogratis used Soul Magic to purify devil power and to incarnate said devils into humans. In addition, the user can instill their target with an overriding belief, altering a person’s ideology.

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