Best Sci-Fi Anime To Watch Right Now

Here is everything you need to know about the best Sci-Fi Anime to watch right now.


Inuyashiki is a sci-fi anime about Ichiro, an average office worker who’s just trying to make ends meet. He’s the black sheep in his family, and even after he built them a shiny new house, he couldn’t get as much as a “thank you.”

One day, Inuyashiki is diagnosed with a fatal, lifelong disease. The news shook him to his core, so he took a walk to get his thoughts straight. Unfortunately, a UFO crashes into him, and his body is rebuilt into a robotic weapon of war. Inuyashiki is a twisted series with tons of body horror that fans of Tokyo Ghoul and Parasyte will surely love.

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Dr. StoneDr. Stone

Dr. Stone is among the most popular and innovative science fiction anime series. It combines intense post-apocalyptic action with real-world science to enthrall viewers. It centers around the compelling journey of Senku Ishigami, a boy genius and science prodigy who awakens to an Earth where everyone has been turned into stone.

Now, it’s up to Senku and his newfound friends to rebuild millions of years of human progress with nothing but his stock knowledge of science and trial and error. Dr. Stone is a unique shonen anime where the protagonist is more brains than brawn and more pragmatic than idealistic.

Space BrothersSpace Brothers

Space Brothers is a nice change of pace from all the darkness and the monsters in other sci-fi anime series. It centers around two brothers who swore to each other in childhood that they would become astronauts. Fast forward to adulthood, reality happens, and their paths in life diverge.

However, their dream is still intact; both wanted to be astronauts. Space Brothers follow their journey as they try to fulfill their childhood dreams in a combination of comedy, slice-of-life, and sci-fi in one heartwarming seinen mix.


Psycho-Pass isn’t as futuristic as other sci-fi titles, but it shouldn’t be shrugged off or disregarded. It’s actually a better fit in the cyberpunk subgenre. In Psycho-Pass, society relies on a calculated assessment that can predict crimes and criminals before they happen.

This technology makes the job of law-enforcement personnel, or Enforcers, a bit easier. However, this system isn’t always accurate, making certain cases harder to crack. Shinya and Akane, the series’ protagonists, certainly have their work cut out in this anime.

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Sword Art OnlineSword Art Online

Sword Art Online is one of the most popular science fiction animes of later years. Set in a virtual reality world, all the players soon discover that they’re unable to leave this reality. They will have to play the game until they’re defeated or victorious. However, the real problem is that dying in the game also results in dying in real life.

The two main characters of the series, Kirito, and Asuna, soon develop a romance as they try to figure out the game. The series terrifically explores the impact of virtual reality in society.

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