Summer Time Rendering anime to release in 2022

Summer Time rendering anime

Summer Time Rendering anime is releasing in 2022 said the official website for the anime. The manga is written by Yasuki Tanaka. It was published in October 2017.

A real escape game and a live adaptation also accompany the Summer Time Rendering anime release. The real escape game is an idea of author Yasuki Tanaka.

The escape game will likely take place in the Wakayama prefecture. Wakayama prefecture is the real-life location of Wakayama city. It is also the place where the story takes place.


The English version of the manga is also available in Shueisha’s Manga Plus feature. The anime is a suspense anime.

The plot:

  • Revolves around the protagonist Shinpei and the mysterious Island.
  • Shinpei returns to his hometown after Ushio, his childhood friend’s death
  • He also reunites with his friend’s family
  • The funeral takes place and everything seems fine
  • However, under the surface, something is brewing in the Island
  • The Shadows lurk around the island
  • They are doppelgangers who replace the original humans
  • They have the same features while also having the same memories of the original
  • Shinpei must fight against the army of shadows and the Mother of Shadows
  • Shinpei loses countless times
  • However, he stuck in a time loop

Many readers of the manga compare it to ERASED, Re: Zero, and also Higurashi. Readers, however, say that the manga neatly wraps up towards the end. There are very few plot holes. It is also quite different from other cliche anime tropes.

The characters are also destructible, not outsmarting the enemy, and making wrong decisions. If you are interested in new anime releases check out this article.


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