All About Solo Leveling Chapter 159 Release Date And Other Details


Solo Leveling Chapter 158 recently came out and there seems to be high tension after the appearance of the gate in Seoul and the arrival of the monarchs. Fans are craving for the next chapter soon as chapter 158 felt quite short.

If you’re also one of this series’ avid fans, read on. You’ll find out about the latest chapter’s release date and also some juicy spoilers!

When Will Chapter 159 of Solo Leveling Manhwa be Released?


Solo Leveling usually follows a weekly release schedule. There was a brief 2-weeks hiatus back in June, but the creator has been sure to issue weekly releases since that.

The release date for Chapter 159 of Solo Leveling is July 22 at midnight (in Korean Standard Time). That would mean 21st July for certain time zones such as the US, Europe and Canada.


However, the process may take a longer time since the chapter needs to undergo translations first.

Recap of the Previous Chapter

In Chapter 158, we saw how the shadow monarch Jin-woo finally appeared and fans are psyched to see how much Jin-woo has improved. But even so, will he be able to tackle a 3v1 fight?



Despite Jin-woo’s strength, it may be too much even for him to tackle not only one or two, but three monarchs. Jin-woo’s hatred for the Frost monarch seems intense though as he’s responsible for the chairman’s death. So will he really be able to save the day or will he lose out?

What are Fan Expectations from the Upcoming Chapter? 

We’ll be getting a super exciting fight scene between Jin-woo and the three monarchs in an intense 3v1 battle. It won’t be easy and Jin-woo will definitely have his hands full.

Some spoilers also show that Beru will be the only one fighting besides Jin-woo.

Where to read Solo Leveling Manhwa? 



To read Solo Leveling Chapter 159 online, check out these sites: TappyToon or Tapas Media. For the readers who would like to support the creator by investing in a physical copy, Volume 1 of the series is available in English translations via Yen Press. The other volumes may follow up soon as this is a really popular manhwa series.

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