Dandadan Chapter 37 Release Date and Spoilers

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So, it has come to that moment where Dandadan has taken quite a serious turn. While Okkarun and Jiji are unconscious, the Kito family are making an offering of Momo to the Serpent. It’s all super messed up and wacky right now.

Dandadan Chapter 37 is on its way and fans can’t contain the excitement. And why should they as the next chapter will unravel whether Momo dies or lives. Here is every detail you need to get ready for yet another insane chapter.

Dandadan Chapter 37 Release Date:

Dandadan Chapter 377 is all set to release on December 20, 2021. You can expect it to be on time as there’s no information regarding any delays.

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A Recap of Dandadan Chapter 36:

Right off the bat, we start with an amazing fight sequence between Momo and the hyper-active naked men. And, she is being the badass she is known for, kicking everyone’s bums. Then suddenly, a grizzly old-looking man tackles her and delivers a deadly headbutt.

momo fighting old men

But Momo’s fine and it’s all thanks to Turbo Granny (soft toy) taking the critical damage. Seeing the furiousness of Turbo Granny, Momo requests her to lend a hand; to which she blatantly says no. This sweet little comedic banter was followed by two kicks from the old lady to Momo. 

Let me tell you, I felt those kicks, it was devastating should be an understatement. That old woman got some strong moves and it was nothing but trouble for Momo. Not to mention, she was in that talisman room which Okkarun and Jiji were discussing in the previous chapter. 


momo vs kito woman dandadan

Now, call it a coincidence or not but the Kito family were the worshippers of The Great Serpent. They were the ones who were providing offerings for the past 200 years so that the village can be safe from chaos and destruction. Furthermore, Momo was standing right where there used to be an altar for human sacrifice years ago. 

What Can Happen In The Next Chapter?

Momo is in severe danger and the Kito family doesn’t seem to be the generous type. But hey, there’s Okkarun and Jiji and we might see them in action in Dandadan Chapter 37. 

dandadan jiji and momo


Additionally, there was a mention of Jiji’s parents possibly given as an offering to the Serpent. Although, it wasn’t confirmed that they were the ‘offerings’ so we might also get to know more about them in the next chapter.

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Where To Read It?

The latest chapters of Dandadan can be read on Viz and Shueisha’s MangaPlus.

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