Telangana buys 32 KIA cars amid Debt

CM bought 32 new KIA cars

Telangana Chief Minister has bought 32 new KIA Carnival Cars for district collectors.

Each of these cars costs 25 to 30 lakh rupees.

This purchase comes at a time where Telangana is at a 40K crore rupees debt.

K Chandrashekar Rao inspected the cars and they were flagged off from his residence.

Transport Minister Puvvada Ajay Kumar, Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar, and other officials were also present.


However, this move has been criticized by many from the opposition.

The BJP accused the CM of trying to appease the bureaucrats.

The CM has also been accused of the wastage of public money.

Several parties have demanded the rollback of this decision.


On the other hand, Congress has accused the TRS government of mismanagement.

They are not spending on hospital beds and buses.

They have spent on buying cars for bureaucrats, a spokesperson added.

Finance Minister Harish Rao had earlier said that Telangana had massive losses.


The COVID 19 lockdown caused losses of 4500 crore rupees.

The Ministry wanted to increase the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management limit from 4 to 5%.

This is needed to raise more loans.

Justifying the purchase, the CM said additional collectors needed vehicles to tour and discharge their duties.


This is not the first major purchase by the Telangana Government.

In 2015, Toyota Fortuners were given to collectors.

However, at that time there were only 10 districts in Telangana.

The opposition also claims that most government vehicles were in working condition.


It was unnecessary to buy new ones when old ones were still working.

KIA Motorsports is a South Korean multinational automobile manufacturer.

It is the second-largest manufacturer after parent company Hyundai in South Korea.

It is headquartered in Seoul.





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