TFATWS: Can Sam Wilson Talk To Birds?


How crazy do you think it is to hear that Sam Wilson can talk to birds? Well, apparently, Marvel believes this.

Did Marvel even consider it?

Well, the head writer of Falcon and the Winter soldier has been giving us some spoilers about Captain America 4 ever since the news was announced.

According to Malcolm Spellman, this notion of Sam Wilson talking to birds was discussed in the boardroom.

We know Marvel is always thorough, so it’s only expected that they did. But now, the question arises for many as to why they are suddenly talking about this.

What is Sam Wilson’s superhuman ability?

According to MCU, his wings don’t make him a superhuman but just a guy who is equipped and good at fighting.

But in the comics, Sam Wilson has a superhuman ability, and it was to understand birds and communicate with them.

Even though it sounds crazy if you haven’t heard this before, his name is, after all, Falcon, and he could fly, so this shouldn’t come as a shock for us.

But, it does come as a shock because for many who haven’t read comic books, this is completely unknown territory.

Sam Wilson In The Comics
Sam Wilson In The Comics

Will Sam Wilson Talk to birds in Captain America 4?

There are a lot of things that are in line for Captain America 4. We have no idea how many of the said theories will happen in the movie, but this one just might.

Spellman, who has been giving us some good news recently, after taking a leap of faith and thinking he can’t possibly get in trouble for answering about Sam Wilson’s ability, gave us some really good spoilers.

At first, he just said that this ability of Wilson was in discussion, and the board didn’t go with it. Normally after that, we would think it’s gone, but Spellman had more to say.

It is… you know actually I’m going to take a leap and answer this one because I don’t think I can get in trouble for it. It was discussed in the room, but I don’t think anyone in the room felt like there was a way to do that right, you know what I’m saying? I don’t know what’s going to happen in Cap 4, though… I probably just overstepped with you, so that’s your one spoiler.

Spellman continued saying that he doesn’t know what will happen in Captain America 4….making it obvious that we might, after all, get to see Falcon talk to his bird friends.

I wonder what they think about him flying around in that bright suit and shield?





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