Captain America 4: Sharon Carter Will Continue As Power Broker For Long In The MCU

Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter’s transition to Power Broker was something fans didn’t expect when the show began, and according to Marvel, she is here to stay and might be in Captain America 4.

Sharon Carter the Worst Carter?

Well, to see her aunt Peggy Carter was the one who made a lot of changes, to see she was the one who stood strong in the good no matter how many came against her was something no one would ever forget.

But all it took for Sharon Carter was one year in hiding, and she goes from good to bad and is ready to kill.

Well, the years after the blip won’t count because no one was searching for her by then. Her point of view has changed, to be honest, but maybe all is not lost?


We mean, she did save Sam at the end. Was it just to earn his trust, or did she really not want Karli to shoot him?

Sharon Carter in TFATWS
Sharon Carter in TFATWS

Sharon Carter will continue as the Power Broker

If the end credit scene was any indication, Sharon Carter we knew is nothing like the one we saw in TFATWS.

The one we saw here is crafty, devious, evil, and won’t think for a second before she kills. She is, after all, the underworld leader of Madripoor, so it’s understandable that she is resourceful.

We will never get why she went to the other side and why she hates the superheroes and the USA. We never even got to see how her evil talk goes.


You know, the one we get to hear when every good guy is revealed as the bad guy, the reason why they are like this, yeah, we never got that.

We just know that she is about to sell everything she can to the wrong guys, and this time, she won’t be getting caught like last time.

Will Sharon Carter continue as the Power Broker

According to The Falcon and The Winter Soldier‘s co-executive producer, Zoie Nagelhout, Marvel is not done with Power Broker. They want to explore more of Sharon Carter’s gray area morale.

“I think she’s such an interesting character. It felt like, in a story where we’re dissecting the shield and that legacy, having a character come in with a point of view that has changed…that has created a fascinating duality in her. I don’t think she’s all bad; I don’t think she’s all good. I think she lives in a middle ground that is really compelling. To get to explore that character further and what shades of gray she might drift between could be really interesting.”


Will she end up being bad to the bone or the old one who thinks justice is essential? Time will only tell.

There are chances that she will be in Captain America 4 so, gear up, folks, it will be good.



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