TFATWS Episode 6: Fans Declare Their Verdict For The Show Finale


You could, without a doubt, say many things about the finale of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier.


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier left no stone unturned and gave fans a wholesome finale. Fans who have been watching the show from the beginning got a satisfactory ending.

The finale has gotten every Marvel fan on their heels cheering for Marvel and wanting another season as soon as possible.


Is There Another season of Falcon and the Winter Soldier?

That’s the question we all want answered. Here’s what we think could be done for a second season.

With some unexpected twists and already predicted theories, the series came to an end today with a bang.

Fans have taken over the internet to celebrate the series finale and if you haven’t watched the episode yet, then stay away from the internet for a while.

Review of the Final episode

Let’s hope that this is not the end of TFATWS. We were given everything that we ever wanted—action, emotion, twists, kick-ass costumes, cliffhangers, closures, and so much more.


Fans are very well contented and are ready for Loki to release in Disney Plus. But unfortunately, we have to wait for seven more weeks for that to happen.

The world has just now seen Falcon and Bucky in action as they take center stage. The second season according to us, is a go but let’s wait for someone at Marvel to confirm it for us.

Spoiler alert!

Steve Rogers doesn’t come in the episode like many predicted, and also, this thing about him being on Moon is starting to sound like the truth.

I mean, how would the guy disappear suddenly? There is no funeral, no gravestone, something big is going on, and we are not convinced that he is dead.

The episode is what you would call Fantabulous and effing bomb! Watch the episode before your friends spoil it for you.

That’s Captain America Right There!







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