The Beginning After The End Chapter 126: Release Date, Recap & Leaks

The Beginning After The End Arthur

The story is getting more and more interesting as the plot dives deeper into the topic of Deitie and Lances. The latest chapter of TBATE finally revealed the Deities Virion talked about. In an interesting turn of events, our protagonist found himself in a bright room where he encountered wisdom. It begs the question as to why the Deity revealed himself to Arthur.

We also got to learn more about the Lances and the existence of a secret council that overlooks their actions. After witnessing these developments, fans are now dying to find out what awaits Arthur and are eagerly waiting for the release of The Beginning After The End Chapter 126.

If you are one of them, then read on to learn something about the upcoming chapter!

The Beginning After The End Chapter 126 Release Date

The Beginning After The End releases a new chapter every week on Tapas Media. Following the usual production schedule, we can expect the upcoming chapter to be released on 24th October 2021. 

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The Beginning After The End Chapter 125 Recap

The previous chapter opened with the flashbacks of King Grey talking to his subjects. They discussed bringing stability to the country and advised him to kill “Her” in order to show his love for the country. 

Coming back to our protagonist, Arthur seemed to be dazed for some reason. He is accompanied by Sylvie who tries to console him. It is revealed that the memories of the King are disturbing him. The note he had also picked up added to it. He was curious about the origin of the note and wanted to ask Virion if he knew what it meant.

The Beginning After The End West Teleportation Gate to the Kingdom of Elenoir

Later, Arthur headed to the West Teleportation Gate to the Kingdom of Elenoir. The two of them then walked past a passageway into the teleportation gate. But when they tried to pass, a binding spell began to pull them downwards. 

They landed inside a dark dungeon and were suddenly overwhelmed by a tremendous power. They encountered the black cat from the elixir store who later transforms into a young man. He revealed to Arthur that his name was Wisdom and he was what Arthur deemed as Deities.

In a dark forest, we see Cynthia accompanied by an owl. We got to see a flashback in which the higher-ups are discussing the death of a lance, Alea. The body was found by a student and the council wanted to interrogate him. But Cynthia had already done everything and even interrogated him. Therefore, they decided to dispatch their best tracking mages to find any evidence left behind. 

In the present, Cynthia feels that she was right by not telling the council that it was Arthur who found the body. She is suddenly attacked by bandits but is dealt with quickly with the help of her owl, Avier. The attackers revealed a bit of Cynthia’s past and in the end, we saw a mysterious writing on her back.

The Beginning After The End Chapter 126 Sylvia

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Where To Read The Beginning After The End

You can read the official version of The Beginning After The End exclusively in Tapas Media. The site allows you to unlock one chapter each day for free. But you want to read more than one chapter in a single day by paying for “ink”.

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