Tokyo Revengers Chapter 228 Release Date And Spoilers


After the previous chapter which delved into South’s backstory, fans are reeling with what this reveal may possibly mean for the future of the character. Another humorous take away from the latest chapter is also the way Ken Wakui portrays these teenage characters in such a buff manner!

We are left with even more questions now. Is Senju really on an equal level with South in terms of strength? Because so far, many fans can’t help but doubt her credibility as the leader of a gang. So much mystery seems to shroud her character, which shall only be unravelled further as the series progresses. Hopefully, we get a backstory as fans are also speculating that she may play a more pivotal role later on in the series. It might take a while though.

For those curious about what would happen in the upcoming chapter, dive into this article for some much needed spoilers!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 228 Release Date

This series goes by a weekly release schedule. And the latest upcoming Chapter 228 of Tokyo Revengers is set to come out on Wednesday, 27th October, 2021.


Recap of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227

In Chapter 227, we got a reveal of South’s childhood backstory. Quite ironic to call what South experienced as childhood, as his experiences are the complete opposite of what an ideal childhood should be like. Having grown up in an impoverished neighbourhood, he is exposed to crime and violence at an extremely young age.


He first kills at the age of only 5, under the instructions of a man called Dino. Later at the age of 12, he kills off his boss Dino too, thus succeeding him and becoming the leader of the gang. After his mother gets murdered by an enemy raid when he’s 14, he moves back to Japan to live with his grandparents.

Given his brutal upbringing, we now understand his character more and see why he is the way he is. For him, death and violence are the only normal he has ever known. From this chapter, we can also see that there’s not much sense of loyalty in Rokuhara Tandai.



Kakucho seems like he was forced to join in after almost being pushed to the brink of death, as he admitted defeat and begged for his life. That was surely a surprising reveal as many of us had previously thought Kakucho and South were on the same level.

What are Some Expectations for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 228? 

The raw scans haven’t been out yet; they will be released probably by 24th October, so we can’t give you any official spoilers now. But we can certainly make some speculations on what could possibly happen next.

Terano South may go on a rampage of extreme violence in the upcoming chapter. With the way the previous chapter ended by revealing Kakucho’s thoughts, about how despite Waka and Benkai being first generation Black Dragon’s strongest duo, they won’t be able to defeat South, it looks like victory is going to fall in South’s hands.



So, fans are now convinced that only Mikey seems to be the one who can challenge and possibly defeat South.

Where to read Tokyo Revengers Online? 

You can access the upcoming chapter and the rest of the manga on the Mangamo app or the Kodansha website.

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