The Beloved Historical Manga Golden Kamuy Heading For An Epic Conclusion!


Golden Kamuy is a great historical manga that has created ripples in the manga community for its entertaining and educational plot. Satoru Noda wrote the plot of the story and even did the illustrations himself.


This manga Golden Kamuy has won numerous coveted prizes including the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize and Manga Taisho. It also received a high number of nominations for other prestigious prizes including Eisner Award and the Kodansha Manga Awards (General).


The artistic merit of Satoru Noda’s Golden Kamuy has meant that it is a beautiful manga with a breathtaking story to tell. That’s why it’s no wonder that Golden Kamuy enjoys overwhelmingly high popularity.

However, there has been some unpleasant news about Golden Kamuy that every fan must’ve been dreading. Let’s take a look at what implications this news will have for Golden Kamuy fans.


Golden Kamuy Manga On Its Final Arc?

Unfortunately, the Golden Kamuy mangaka Satoru Noda has announced that the manga has reached its final story arc. Golden Kamuy made its first premiere in 2014 and has been serialized on Weekly Young Jump Magazine for 25 volumes.

That’s why it’ll be a sad reality to see such an excellent manga coming to its inevitable end. However, the exact date is still not confirmed yet. But as per trends, it’s reasonable to speculate it’ll be somewhere around May or June of 2021.

Plot of Golden Kamuy 

Golden Kamuy takes us through the journey of a Russo-Japanese War Veteran, Saichi Sugimoto, as he searches for a huge treasure owned by the Ainu. Along this treasure hunt quest, he receives the kind assistance of a cute Ainu girl by the name of Asirpa.





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