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Only A True Science Nerd Can Get All 7 Questions Correct – TBBT Edition


The existence of multiverses is suggested by which scientific theory?

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On the basis of the string theory Sheldon told about the existence of Multiverses

You'd most likely study dark matter, neutrino oscillation, and cosmic rays in what type of class?

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Astroparticle Science is a complicated field of research and takes away RAJ.

Leonard was quite excited about Turritopsis dohrnii, a species that's been nicknamed the Immortal _____.

Lenord Joke
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Instead of dying, the jellyfish reverts back to an immature state.

Sheldon Cooper has an eidetic memory, which means he has a what kind of memory?

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Sheldon having a photographic memory explains why he holds a grudge for soo long

Whose experiment permanently disabled the elevator?

Snow Flake TBBT
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Most scientists believe the Big Bang Theory explains which of the following questions?

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Big Bang Theory gives a potential explanation of how everything began with a BANG.

Sheldon tells a classroom of girls that they can end up like Marie Curie, who died from exposure to what?

not knowing the motto of your communuty college
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Because of the exposure of radiation even after a 100 years her papers were kept in lead boxes

Only True A Science Nerd Can Answer All 7 Question
Not knowing is part of the fun. - Penny


Did you actually watch THE BIG BANG THEORY or not. Go and watch it again
Smart But Not Smart Enough.

howard wolowitz

You got a pretty satisfactory score but you know it can be better.
Smart Enough to be called Smart.


Almost as Smart as the Smartest. You Almost had it.

Bernadette Rostenkowski

UGHHH! Just missed it by a little!!! No worries, take the quiz once again and maybe you could get full score.
So Close to being a Genius! Not Everyone can get there Easily.

leonard hofstadter

You are amongst the very few who got all answers correct. CONGRATULATIONS !!!
The True Genius! Not Everyone Can Scores All Correct!

Sheldon copper

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