The Most Powerful Weapons In The Marvel Universe, Officially Ranked

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The Powerful Marvel Weapons In The Extended Universe:

Marvel Weapons

It is due to the comics of the extended universes that we know of the many Marvel Weapons and the DC Weapons. Comic books as a whole are always wild, vibrant and imaginative. And a major part of their exuberance is due to all the little details and interesting facts that help the story to move forward. Moreover, it is due to these very features that the reader gets excited during a scene, or a battle even.

This is the same for Marvel Comics. As a matter of fact, the comic mentions some weapons which have become very popular in recent times. Some of these weapons have also appeared in the Marvel movies. However, there is still a lot of items that have yet to receive the same level of notoriety.

Although all weapons in the Marvel, as well as DC universe, are inherently useful, their creation is not all equal. While some are extremely powerful, others are not. The most powerful Marvel Weapons are seldom seen. This is mostly because their abilities are so surprising that they can end a story within a few panels if they are used to their maximum effects. And this is exactly why their appearances need to be rare and fleeting, and should be savoured when they do make an appearance.

Additionally, their rarity adds an extra layer of intrigue around them. However, experts suggest that it is best to avoid such weapons altogether. Read on below to find out some of the mightiest and most powerful weapons ever mentioned in the Marvel Comics.

1) Captain America’s Shield Is One Of The Most Iconic Marvel Weapons Ever Made:

Captain America’s Shield

Although it might not be the most powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe, it’s still arguably the most iconic. Cap’s shield essentially embodies the United States of America and is just as symbolic as the legendary superhero himself. Symbolising justice and patriotism, Cap’s shield has, time and again, served as a means of rallying individuals together. What’s more? It is indestructible too!

Captain America’s shield was created by the scientist Dr Myron MacLain, who used Vibranium to create the weapon. One night, he fell asleep and an unknown catalyst fused the Vibranium he was working on, with an iron alloy. It was then poured into a mould for a tank hatch and made into a circle. With the American flag painted on it, President Franklin Roosevelt subsequently bestowed the shield onto Captain America.

Cap’s shield is famous for being virtually unbreakable. Furthermore, it has withstood Wolverine’s claws, that too without a scratch, in addition to being resistant to Molecule Man’s molecular manipulation. Moreover, the shield is also resistant to Thor’s mightiest blows. Even though the shield has been broken before, just like our Cap, it always returns better than ever.

2) One Of The Mightiest Weapons Also Includes The Ebony Blade:

The Ebony Blade

Dane Whitman, the Black Knight, has been on multiple duplications of the Avengers. Furthermore, he was also the leader of Ultraforce. As of today, he is the king of the otherworldly realm, known as Weirdworld. And the one constant even today is that Whitman always carried around the Ebony Blade.

As the Black Knight, Dane uses his world-class sword-fighting skills to fight evil in all of the different forms. The wizard Merlin crafted the Ebony Blade himself out of a Starstone meteorite. And soon after that, a series of events took place, which led Merlin enchanting the sword and thereby making it virtually indestructible. Subsequently, the sword was even capable of cutting through anything short of adamantium.

In addition to granting its user immunity to death, the Ebony Blade can protect you from anything except weapons carved from Starstone. It can also cut through as well as absorb energy. Additionally, it can also transport its wielder across space and time, letting someone like the Black Knight time travel if he wanted to.

However, in spite of this, the Ebony Blade is cursed. It would also be the biggest challenge Dane and his predecessors would ever face. This is because if blood is shed with the sword, then the user becomes corrupted and eventually loses all semblance of mental stability. Additionally, if the Blade is used to kill, it will force its user to seek out more bloodshed. Because of this, the Black Knight cannot cut his opponents, which means that contrived circumstances have to be written so that he only fights robots or cuts his allies free if they’re captured.

3) Quite Possibly One Of The Most Powerful Marvel Weapons Is Thanos’ Space Throne:

Thanos’ Space Throne

Some say that if you are going to be flying about the universe in an insane attempt to destroy half of all life in the universe, then it is nice to have a throne you can sit back on and rest. Moreover, even mad villains and aliens need a mode of transportation. In saying so, Thanos, a.k.a the Mad Titan, is no exception.

The early days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe feature a mysterious Thanos sitting upon his Space Throne. However, as it turns out, he did not pick that particular throne for just its appeal. The throne is actually a part of comic book lore which should not be taken lightly. It is also important to note that Thanos has quite a self-inflated opinion of himself. Therefore, it is most likely that he chose his primary mode of transportation as something which resembles a throne.

When looked at, Thanos’ Space Throne is quite un-intimidating. However, it is not just a fancy chair. It can actually travel at the speed of light, in addition to teleporting and hopping through dimensions. It can also project intense defensive force fields and fire deadly energy blasts from the top of its frame.

4) The M’Kraan Crystal Is Also Amongst The Powerful Marvel Weapons In The Comics:

The M’Kraan Crystal

There are many artefacts in the Marvel Universe which should generally be avoided at all costs. One such artefact is the M’Kraan Crystal. According to its creators, the huge pink coloured M’Kraan Crystal is “the end of all that is.” This is just a very basic wat of saying that the crystal is not something you can play with. It is massive in size, and nobody is quite sure about the origins to the oversized Crystal.

The Crystal itself doesn’t seem to abide by any conventional laws of physics. This is because it has more area in its body than should be possible. In simple terms, the M’Kraan Crystal is a physicist’s nightmare. Moreover, within the Crystal itself there is an entire crystal city protected by its force field.

Also, in its centre is a neutron galaxy which serves as the nexus point for all matter across every reality there has been or will ever be.

5) The List Of Powerful Marvel Weapons Also Includes The Watcher’s Eye:

Watcher’s Eye

It is a commonly known fact that a weapon does not need to be capable of wiping out civilizations in order for it to be deadly. This brings us to the Watcher’s eye. They aren’t going to be destroying a moon anytime soon. However, their knowledge of the Earth’s history and all of the Marvel superheroes makes them incredibly useful and dangerous in the wrong hands.

There used to an ancient being called Uatu, the Watcher on the moon. From a species of Watchers, his duty was to observe the planet Earth and maintain his oath of non-interference. So, whenever an incredibly notable event would occur, the Watcher would manifest to the site of the event so he could observe it directly.

And because of everything he has seen, the Watcher knows the entire history of the Earth. This includes everyone’s and everything’s secrets, along with those of the Marvel superheroes. These secrets hold a lot of power and are something worth killing for. In fact, the Watcher was killed for these secrets and his eyes were removed. In saying so, the Watcher’s knowledge and memories were stored within his eyes.

6) This Is Followed By The Muramasa Blade:

The Muramasa Blade

Wolverine, belonging to the X-Men, is one of the deadliest mutants on the face of Earth. He has an incredible healing factor that enables him to recover from almost any wound. He also has his retractable claws, which are coated in the indestructible metal called adamantium (just like every other bone in his body). All these make Wolverine practically unstoppable by any and all conventional means.

In his own words, Wolverine is “the best there is at what he does,” which translates into fighting and killing. Fortunately, he uses his abilities and powers for the greater good. However, because of his infamous lethality, he also attracts a lot of villains and evil beings and organizations who wish for him to be their personal assassin.

Knowing that one day he could lose control or fall under the sway of evil organizations like Hydra, Wolverine requested the swordsmith Muramasa to make him a sword. The weapon was originally intended to help Wolverine exact revenge on the men who murdered his wife. However, later on, it would also serve as an instrument to put Logan down if ever the situation called for it. The Muramasa sword is made from a piece of Wolverine’s soul, and it’s the blade is capable of cutting at the molecular level. It is also known for negating healing factors. Any cut by the blade won’t heal, meaning it is the perfect weapon against anyone with a healing factor.

7) The Eye Of Agamotto Is One Of The Most Powerful, If Not The Mightiest Marvel Weapons:

The Eye Of Agamotto

Known as Doctor Strange’s trademark instrument of power and magic, the Eye of Agamotto, is a tiny trinket that hosts legendary power. But, before there was the Eye of Agamotto, there was Oshtur the Elder Goddess. She was the most powerful of all Earth gods. One day, she observed a blind child and this brought a tear to her eye.

This tear fell to the surface of the Earth and gave birth to the sorcerer Agamotto. From there, Oshtur, along with Agamotto, and her son Hoggoth, formed the eternal Vishanti. She would later create the Book of Vishanti.

It remains unclear whether the eye is literally one of Agamotto’s eyes or if the sorcerer discovered it somewhere. However, we do know that he created two other magical talismans to go along with the Eye. It was then passed on to each successor with the title of the Sorcerer Supreme. The Eye of Agamotto is an item of incredible power. It is also more a weapon of wisdom than of aggression. Regardless, one should not take it lightly.

The Eye of Agamotto does not respond to an evil user, and can playback recent events. It can also open portals to earlier moments in time, freeze people or objects in suspended animation, and can see through any disguise, be it mystical or technological in origin. Doctor Strange has used the Eye many times, to probe the minds of others and project powerful mystical barriers. He has also used it to create portals to other dimensions, and even teleport to the end of the universe.

8) The Most Powerful Of All Swords In Marvel Universe Is The Excalibur:

Excalibur marvel weapons

Nearly everyone knows of the sword Excalibur and the legend of King Arthur. This sword has appeared in almost all forms of media and almost every comic book company has featured some of the other versions of the legendary sword. It is a known fact that Merlin and the Lady of the Lake made Excalibur. Furthermore, Arthur Pendragon pulled the sword out of the stone, earning him the place as the rightful ruler to his nation.

In Marvel Comics, something similar happened in regards to Excalibur. However, the only difference was that the original Black Knight battled alongside Arthur when Kang the Conqueror time-travelled to the past in an effort to seize control of Arthurian Britain. Subsequently, some time travel craziness took place, which resulted in the Excalibur getting flung to the future, and then returning back to the past.

Following this, history played out normally. We saw Arthur falling at the hands of his son Mordred. Excalibur was then thrown back into the mystic lake from where it had come. This legendary sword is very mighty, in addition to being powerful enough to kill anything, including gods, immortals, and even spirits.

9) Thor’s Mjolnir Also Tops The List Of Mightiest Marvel Weapons:

Thor’s Mjolnir-Marvel weapon

In the past, Odin had to battle the Mother Storm, who was a sentient storm the size of a galaxy that threatened Asgard. Odin successfully managed to trap it in a piece of uru. He then ordered three dwarf blacksmiths to forge a weapon around the metal. They did so successfully. However, to forge the weapon, they used a magical forge which was located in the heart of a dying star. The entire process was so intense that the star itself exploded, nearly taking the Earth along with it. And even though the planet survived, the dinosaurs were all wiped out.

Having a portion of Odin’s Force, the Mjolnir is mighty. Odin has himself used it on a lot of his adventures before Thor’s birth. And years later, the All-Father would eventually use it as a way to test his son’s worthiness. Subsequently, he would shape his son into a defender of the people. However, after a period of time, Thor became extremely proud. This resulted in Odin banishing him to live on Earth as a mortal, who could only turn back into Thor by finding the Mjolnir.

10)Finally, The Infinity Gauntlet Makes The List Of The Deadliest Marvel Weapons:

The Infinity Gauntlet marvel weapons

One of the most legendary and infamous of all Marvel Weapons is the dreaded Infinity Gauntlet. When alone, the Gauntlet is relatively harmless. But, bring in the Infinity Stones and you have a weapon which can turn its wielder into the universe itself. With control over reality, time, space, and the building blocks of creation, there’s no one and nothing that can match the Gauntlet at its full power.

In the Marvel comics, much like the films, Thanos gets his hand on the Infinity Gauntlet and destroys half of all life in the universe. Adam Warlock stopped Thanos by using his connection to the Soul Gem in the Gauntlet. He did so only to realize that Thanos didn’t truly want to be omnipotent. The Gauntlet also made a few appearances here and thereafter dealing with the Mad Titan.

There was a time when the secret superhero group known as the Illuminati got a hold of the Gauntlet and Captain America had to use the Gauntlet to stop another universe from crashing into their universe. Later, Black Panther managed to put together a new Infinity Gauntlet to stop Doctor Doom, who had become the god of the Multiverse.

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