The Quintessential Quintuplets: Why Miku is a Super Endearing Character

The Quintessential Quintuplets was one of the most popular anime series of 2019 and it is still trending even now. With six girls in the mix and the harem story in full action with Futaro in the center, the fanbase for this series quickly rose and readership for the manga also skyrocketed. Many fans eagerly keep up with the series as they are curious about who will eventually end up winning Futaro’s heart.

Miku is a major fan favorite among the sisters and this is evident in online polls and fan engagement. Read on to learn more details about Miku’s character!

Her Determination To Win Over Futaro

While the other quints were trying to figure out their feelings for Futaro, Kiku was way ahead of them all. After Miku tells Ichika about her affection for Futaro, she also tells her that she can do whatever she wants with him because she is confident that she will be the winner at the end. This incident endeared her to a wide number of fans who have never really witnessed a female charactear in harem anime being so bold and upfront. This led many fans to solidify their stance on Miku as their favorite pick for Futaro’s ultimate wife.

Her Passion For History Is Captivating and Admirable

Miku is a huge fan of the Sengoku period and she knows so many trivia and facts about it. Whether you want to learn more about Keiji Meida or Totoyomi Hideyoshi, Miku is the one to go to! This is her favorite subject and the area where she is the best at. It is because of this that she ends up neglecting other studies and is not that knowledgeable about them. Even so, it is very admirable to watch a character be that dedicated to a passion that they have and we can learn a thing or two from Miku’s perseverance!

The Sincerity And Cuteness in Her Reactions 

It may look otherwise, but we know that when the time is right, her seemingly emotionless expressions will simply melt away. Throughout the progress of this series, Miku has really shown us a vast array of adorable expressions that have won over fans’ hearts.

Her Support For Futaro

When the other quintuplets all rejected Futaro and ignored his efforts to tutor them, and even made snide remarks against him, Miku was one of the first persons who pushed him away but after they cleaned up their misunderstandings, she came to like him a lot. Miku is truly a very endearing character.


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