The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent Manga: Review


Seven Seas Entertainment will release the English version of the manga’s first volume on December 8, 2020. Both the print and the digital versions will be available for $12.99 and $9.99, respectively.

Light Novel

The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent is a Japanese light novel, written by Yuka Tachibana and illustrated by Yasuyuki Syuri. Shōsetsuka ni Narō, a Japanese novel publishing company, has published five volumes of the light novel since February 2017.

Seven Seas Entertainment has got the rights for the manga and the light novel in North America. The Japanese version of the manga has been serialized and collected in four volumes by Kadokawa Shoten‘s Comic Walker website.

Critics’ Review


Now that the manga is releasing in English in December, fans wonder if the manga is worth the read- given that it requires money and time. We here at the News Fetcher have gathered everything we can and will give you the story, and its review according to the critics of the manga.


For those who haven’t gone through the storyline yet, don’t worry; we got you covered.

Sei is a 20-year-old office worker who is suddenly taken to a place where she has never been before. She then discovers that she has been summoned to train and become a “Saint”, who will be the driving force to save the world’s good and destroy all dark magic.

This ritual isn’t uncommon, but only one person is brought into this world. Unfortunately for our Sei, she has been brought to this new world along with another girl. Everyone there finds the second one rather more fit for the position, along with the prince. Sei, who is unbothered by all of it, leaves the palace and opens a shop. Sei decides to put her newfound magic to test, and it helps her in her business.

Long Last Sainthood


As long as her long lost sainthood doesn’t come knocking on her doors again, Sei is set for life. According to the reviews online, it’s worth a read. If you like to see a girl from nowhere realize her true potential one day, and start to tap into all the powers she has deep inside; then this manga is a must-read.

Sei is a girl who is finally relieved that she doesn’t have to work herself to the point of exhaustion to survive. She eventually finds out that she can be herself and take care of herself. Not only is Sei the favorite of the people she met there, but the ones close to her also know that there is something powerful about Sei and her magic. As usual, Sei doesn’t realize that.

So, if you are a fan of this stuff, then you will definitely like it. Obviously, we have a prince charming in the story, but he is not so charming to Sei and, unfortunately, looks like he is wired to Aira, the other girl who was summoned with Sei.

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