The Scene In Wonder Woman 1984 Which Made Gal Gadot Cry


The long awaited and long delayed Wonder Woman 1984 is finally set to release in December and, according to Vanity Fair, it may make fans cry in the first scene. The film opens on a young Diana competing in an Olympics-like physical contest that makes Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman herself) tear up.

“Whenever I see this part of the movie, I always get teary — like good, excited tears,” Gadot told Vanity Fair. “One of the biggest things that I believe is that you can only dream about becoming someone or something after you’ve seen it visually. And for boys — lucky them — they got to experience, since the beginning of the movies, that they were the protagonist, they were the strong ones, they saved the day.”

But girls haven’t gotten that representation, Gadot says. 2017’s Wonder Woman was the first superhero movie of the current era (after frustrating experiences in decades past with movies like Elektra or Catwoman) to have a woman protagonist. As a mother of two girls, Gadot wants them and others around the world to see that “they can be bigger than life.”

The scene is reminiscent of the beginning of Wonder Woman

Young Diana played by Lilly aspell

Wonder Woman starts off by showing how strong women role models affect Diana as a child. Young Diana, played by 12-year-old showjumper Lilly Aspell, watches the Amazon women of Themyscira battle each other in a showy display of strength. One of them fires an arrow while backflipping off a horse. While watching, Diana herself is inspired by the women around her and practices her own fighting moves. In 1984, we’ll see her further along in her training.

This was supposed to be a big year for female superhero representation, as Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984 were originally going to hit theaters this past summer. Black Widow has been pushed back to May 2021, while 1984 is slated for this December (for now).

Since we have an extra six months to think about Wonder Woman 1984, theories are running wild about the extra meaning behind the “1984” of the title and how Steve Trevor could possibly return from the dead. Here’s hoping all our questions are answered — while girls everywhere are inspired — before too long.

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