Gal Gadot Cast as Cleopatra: Faces Backlash

Paramount won the bidding war on the movie rights of Cleopatra epic historical drama, between Warner Bros, Netflix, Apple and Universal.

Lasso to Crown

There have been some movies made on Cleopatra earlier and the one by Century Fox is known for its lavish production which nearly bankrupted the company. Gal Gadot joins the cast as the queen of Egypt and the ex-wife of Julius Caesar and wife of Marc Antony.

Cleopatra played by Elizabeth Tylor in Cleopatra (1963)


Cleopatra is known for her beauty, but many fail to mention what else she is famous for. She was the last Pharaoh who ruled Egypt’s Ptolemaic Kingdom. She influenced the politics of Rome like no woman ever did and also had a part in changing the way the western empires would be governed.

Just Rumours?

Cleopatra remake was in the talks in Hollywood for a long time now, and one such rumour also had Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga playing essential roles. No idea what happened to that project, maybe it was just a rumour or was dropped midway.

Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie

Million Bucks Duo

Gal Gadot is joining the cast and also reuniting with her Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins. While the duo waits for their movie to release in the December of this year, this collab is just what the fans of Gadot want.

Twitter Backlash

But as usual our hot-headed always ready to stir a conflict social media users started to call Gadot and Paramount out. Not even after 24 hours of the announcement, they were trending and not just for the movie rights victory.

African or Greek?

Some fans started to tweet that Cleopatra was a dark-skinned person and was of African descent, so an actor of African origin or a darker-skinned actor should play the role. Now, Gadot is a white Israeli actor, so she didn’t fit the profile according to the fans.


But you know, sometimes we should understand that people who produce movies are not that stupid. Because Cleopatra was a little dark-skinned but not dark. She is of Greek descent, and Gadot matches the profile. Many fans got their research done immediately and gave back to those who were dragging Gadot through the mud.

Twitter Fued

But what is a Twitter backlash without two celebrities feuding openly? Yes, Sameera Khan took her twitter account to call out Gadot and saying she looks bland and that the role should’ve been reprised by some Arab actresses. She didn’t stop with that, she went on to say that it is terrible enough her country (Israel) steals oil from the Arabs and asks if she needs to steal even the roles which belong to her countrywomen.



Rita Panahi, an Iranian Australian columnist, slammed Sameera who called Gadot ‘bland-looking’. ‘So, she didn’t know Cleopatra was Greek & she calls the stunning Gal Gadot “very bland looking”. Pathological hatred of Israel does strange things to people’s brains’ wrote the Columnist.


But according to the research, we found that Cleopatra was an Egyptian ruler who was of Greek descent and had Persian and Syrian ancestry. We think Gadot is the perfect match to play her. What do you think?


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