The Witcher: An Embarrassing Story About Anya Chalotra!


Well, actors are humans too, and like any of us who mess up big time and get embarrassed, they do too, Anya Chalotra did too.

Not a luxury we could afford

Actors probably have a PR handling and covering it for them after they become famous, but we normal mundane folks are left with sarcasm and fake laugh to cover ours.

Anyway, Anya Chalotra, the star of The Witcher, has been receiving a lot of praise lately. Even after one year of the Netflix series’ release, it still manages to be the talk of the town.

Netflix Hit


Even with its confusing timelines and newly set myths and theories, The Witcher somehow managed to please the audience and was renewed for a second season. Needless to say, the show was a huge hit and had millions of views giving Netflix a big boost with the profit it brought in.

Ever since then, Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan have become a known name to all. Henry Cavill, who needs no introduction, also benefited from this role, but not like Anya Chalotra, the British Indian, who had no big studio contracts like Cavill.


An embarrassing incident from the past

Anya Chalotra then went on to win the IMDb Breakout Star Award. She also ranked number one in the IMDb search for four weeks.

While the internet is all in praise for her skills and acting as Yennefer of Vengerberg, the showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich had a different story to tell.

Lauren took to Twitter to congratulate Anya in a rather embarrassing way by sharing about something that happened during the Witcher audition.

An apple a day?


According to the Tweet and what we could understand from it, it looks like before going into the audition, Anya had an apple. But nothing is embarrassing about that, now is it?

What happened is still yet to be found, but apparently, according to Lauren, Anya had the chewed up remains of the apple with her either in her pocket or something, which actually ended up falling all around the floor when she gave the performance of a lifetime.

It is no doubt that she gave an excellent first impression with her acting but not with disposing of food remains, we guess.

We want answers!

She probably gave such a powerful performance that she actually forgot about the apple bits. Think how it would’ve been when you see all of a sudden the things from your pocket dropped all around you.

Wait, we still don’t know if it was from her pocket or some zip lock bag or whatever…..Anya, please respond to this Tweet and share with us what happened…please?


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