The Witcher: What Makes Ciri So Unique?


We do know that there is something inside Ciri that many are after, but what is it exactly?

The powers didn’t skip a generation.

We knew about her half Elven Bloodline and that she has some powers. In the series, we also see Queen Calanthe saying that the powers skipped her, so she thought it would skip Ciri, too, as Pavetta had those powers.

So, what are all the powers of Ciri, and what is she capable of that made even the Brokilon forest and its Queen give protection to a human like her?

Just a teaser to the might she holds?


With just the glimpse of her more powerful abilities in season 1, it is hard to know what all the hype about her character is, so we give you some insights about her from the book.

Now that Ciri has met Geralt, without a doubt, in order to keep her safe, he will take her to Kaer Morhen, where she will be trained by Triss Merigold, according to the novel.

What makes her formidable?

In the book, it’s revealed that Ciri is a source. Now source, according to the Witcher world, is someone who has infinite magical abilities, and as it grows stronger, it is harder to control them. If the source doesn’t get the required help, there are chances that it unleashes great havoc, and also, they are prone to a mental illness called Catatonia.

Now that Triss sees the power Ciri holds within, she knows the apt person to teach Ciri to control the uncontrollable Chaos within her.  Yes, you guessed it right, she gets Yennefer to help Ciri introducing the two most powerful beings in the Witcher Universe to one another.

Like mother like daughter


Pavetta was also a source as it was seen in season 1. These dormant powers are triggered and awakened when they are in stressful situations, as seen in the “Of Banquets, Bastards and Burials” episode.

When Pavetta saw that her mother was about to kill her love, it awakened her powers. We saw the same scream by Ciri, which helped her defend herself against the enemies.

What’s in store for Ciri in season 2?

Now, being a source gives the person unlimited powers, and as powerful as they can be, it is also equally dangerous if the person couldn’t control it. So the task at hand for Ciri in season 2 is to equip herself and train rigorously under Geralt and Yennefer to become the formidable weapon who unites every living being on the Continent and brings peace.

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