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The Witcher: Blood Origin Release Date And More

Netflix took on a big gamble when they announced the Witcher being renewed for the second season even before the pilot season’s release, but it looks like the dice rolled in their favor.

Witcher Universe 

Not only did the first season bring in millions of views, but the second season has created a hype that will far surpass the first one. But that’s not all; one spin-off series and one feature film have been announced after the Witcher Series’s hit.

Netflix has announced one animated feature film revolving around the life of Geralt’s mentor Vesemir, who will also make an appearance in the second season of the Witcher. The film titled Nightmare of The Wolf is expected to release before season two of The Witcher, giving a proper introduction to Vesemir.

Release Date

Whereas Blood Origin, the live-action Prequel of The Witcher, will start filming from May 2021 and is expected to go on till December 2021. If things go according to plan, then we might get the prequel series by the Summer of 2022.

With rumors that Jason Momoa is leading the series and him also fueling the rumors by sharing fan art of him and Henry Cavill in the Witcher costume, there is a high probability that the GOT star will be playing Fjall, the male Elven lead.


The Witcher Blood Origin is set 1200 years before the current Witcher timeline. The prequel series will be a limited-edition series with six parts and is set to address the incidents that led to the Conjunction of Spheres and the creation of the first Witcher.

image: Netflix

While the Conjunction took place around 1200 years ago, the creation of the first Witcher, by the mages, took place 967 years after the Conjunction. This here will bring in another confusion with both the incidents being decades apart.

Another confusing Timeline Series?

So, will the series play with the timelines as the Witcher did, or will it just show the important events that took place and skip to the creation of the first Witcher? Well, we would have to wait for that till 2022.

While the books have a clear picture of what happened, it is still not enough to make into a series so that the writers will be in for a lot of creative work with the origin stories.

The Witcher season one took six months for post-production work, considering that Blood Origin might have lesser work, and that’s why it is calculated and estimated to be released in early 2022. If things don’t go according to the calculation, then there is a high probability that the series will start streaming on Netflix only by the end of 2022.

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