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The Witcher: Episode Wise Breakdown of The First Season

The Witcher might have been a fan-favorite, but it sure well knows how to confuse its audience.

With so many timelines and flashbacks and stuff….it is hard to keep track of what is happening. Before we go into the details, The Witcher season 1 revolves around Ciri, Geralt and Yennefer

All these characters finally in episode 8 come together in the same and current timeline.

Episode 1

Geralt’s Intro: (Way Before Ciri’s Birth)

Geralt’s entry into the series where anything before this time hasn’t been revealed about him. He meets Renfri and kills her squad, and gets the name Butcher of Blaviken.

Cirii: The Present Timeline (Nilfgard’s Invasion)

Ciri’s scenes are always of the present timeline, so if you see Ciri interacting with any other character, then that means they are in the current timeline too.

Episode 2

Yennefer’s Intro: (more than 30 years before Nilfgard’s Attack on Cintra)

Yennefer’s early days as a rejected daughter is shown. Yennefer is sold to Tissaia by her stepfather and goes into training in Aretuza.

Geralt: Meeting Jaskier for the first time

After he is deemed the butcher of Blaviken, Geralt meets Jaskier on his journey and is joined by the bard on his adventures.

Ciri: Present

Ciri running away from the Nilfgardian army, meets Dara and later ends up in a Cintran refugee camp, which is later destroyed.

Episode 3

Yennefer: (more than 30 years before Nilfgard’s Attack on Cintra)

Yennefer finishes her training and is also introduced to pain in the butt Stregobor, whom Geralt meets at Blaviken in the first episode.

Geralt: In the Past

He meets with Triss Merigold and saves Princess of Temeria.

Ciri: After the Cintran camp was destroyed

An entranced Ciri walks into the Brokilon Forest.

Episode 4

Yennefer: (3 Decades after Yennefer Joined the Kingdom of Aldrin)

The time where Yennefer’s baby quest has begun!

Geralt: Past (Years before Ciri was born)

This episode jumps into Cintra, and when the Cintrans and their queen was first introduced to Geralt.

Ciri: Present Timeline

Ciri meets the dryads of Brokilon Forest and Queen Eithné.

Episode 5

Yennefer and Geralt’s First meeting: (Years after the meeting of Geralt with Cintran Queen and Princess)

In her quest for a baby, Yennefer is stationed at a place where Geralt brings Jaskier to heal. The now toxic couple meets for the first time.

Ciri: Present Timeline

Mousesack’s imposter goes into the Brokilon Forest to trick Ciri into coming with him.

Episode 6

Geralt and Yennefer: Past

Geralt and Yennefer meet again on a Dragon hunt. Geralt tells Yennefer about Ciri and the Law of Surprise he needs to claim.

Later a furious Yennefer leaves when she hears about Geralt’s third wish.

Ciri: Present Timeline

She fights with the imposter and runs away.

Episode 7

Yennefer: (After the Dragon Hunt incident and shortly before Cintra is invaded)

The mages ask Yennefer to join them in protecting the Northern Kingdoms against Nilfgard.

Geralt: (Few days before Nilfgard Attacks Cintra)

After hearing Yennefer’s insults about him neglecting Ciri, the Witcher arrives at Cintra just days before Nilfgard’s invasion and asks Calanthe to let him take her to safety as there was a war brewing in her territory.

Remember when Calanthe sent to get someone before she sent off Ciri in the first episode?? Yeah, that was Geralt as she had imprisoned him.

Ciri: The Present Timeline

Ciri escapes from a kind traveler lady and meets with some people from Cintra. They try to kill her, so she kills them and falls unconscious.

Episode 8


All three characters are by several different circumstances in the same place.

Ciri meets with Geralt in the current timeline, and Yennefer is also seen in the same area but goes missing after winning the battle for the Northern Kingdoms against Nilfgard.















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