The Witcher: Is Ciri Geralt’s Biological Daughter Due To The Law of Surprise?

We are new to the Witcher universe, and things like Law of Surprise tend to confuse us. In this article, we will tell you everything we know about Geralt and Ciri’s relationship.

Destiny That Cannot Be Avoided

Even though The Witcher has some serious problems with its timelines, we know that Renfri happened way before Ciri and Yennefer, and she predicted about Geralt and Ciri.

The things in the Witcher world have some weird ways of working out. Anyway, we now know that Ciri has the same powers as her mother, Pavetta. There are chances that she is more powerful than her mother.

Now that many groups are after Ciri either to kill her or to get her Elder Blood, we know that she is in good hands with Geralt.

The Fortress & The Witcher

Kaer Morhen

Geralt finally meets Ciri in the first season finale, and from then on, we know that he will be her guardian. Geralt is now on his way to Kaer Morhen, where he trains Ciri.

He gets help from Triss Merigold, who then suggests Yennefer, and basically, Ciri is trained by the best of all.

We know that Geralt went back to Cintra to get Ciri. Even though he had no idea what she has been up to all these years, he went to get her as she rightfully belonged to him.

Rightfully Mine!

Geralt had given up on claiming his Law of Surprise. He basically didn’t need a kid to take with him on his adventures and probably thought that it would be safe for her in the palace.

We have no idea exactly why he didn’t go in search of her, though.

So, here’s how this works.

The Law of Surprise can be claimed by a person who saves a person’s life or does something big for the other person. Well, for example, Geralt saves Duny from Calanthe.

He basically saves his life, so Duny asks Geralt to choose what he wants. Geralt, who doesn’t do anything expecting a reward, decided something random to avoid being told to choose.

At the exact moment he chooses Law of Surprise, Pavetta shows signs of pregnancy, meaning that the reward for Geralt is the baby.

Even though it is kinda messed up, that’s how things work there. So, Ciri is not the biological daughter of Geralt, even by the Law of Surprise.

But their destinies are interloped, and they start to care for one another like they are an actual family.

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