The Witcher Season 2 Final Day Of Filming: Cintran Dancers, Pizza, And More

The Witcher

Let me tell you one thing before we jump into explaining the Pizza, dancers, and more; Witcher Season 2 is coming to an end, and the crew will be wrapping up tomorrow.

Final Wrap of Season 2

After a millennium of problems and so many countless troubles, the Witcher second season filming will be coming to a wrap this weekend.

With the world about to celebrate Easter, it’s a massive achievement from the Witcher crew to finish the shooting of this season once and for all.

According to many reports, it is said that the cast has been filming for six days a week. Also, according to social media of cast members, most of them are done except the main three and some notable side characters.

The Mood Of The Set

After waiting for so long, ending the shoot for the second season must look like a huge achievement, and the team is actually going through so much to make sure that they finish it this time without any delay.

According to some reports, it is said that the crew was spending day and nights filming for the last few days to finish the project on time.

We thought working so much and wearing those heavy ornaments should put the actors in a bad and snobby mood, but Freya Allen‘s Instagram says otherwise

Extended Storyline

We know for a fact that many things have been altered and extended, so we can’t exactly predict things the same way as it was in the book or the games.

The main lead actors have been filming still now, and even the Witchers actually had a more extended schedule than fans thought.

Filavandrel is actually on the set still, and that doesn’t go with what fans thought would be the length of his role.

Anyway, with a lot of changes, the season is set to be released by 2021 end. Also, there was a group of what appeared to be ballroom dancers on the set.

The settings looked like the old Cintran palace ballroom, and we know that it will be a flashback.

There are chances that this scene will be seen in the finale or in the fifth episode as Ed Bazalgette was seen filming these scenes.

Also, our Witcher star, Henry Cavill, got Pizza for everyone on the set and the cast and crew seemed to really appreciate the gesture.

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