Naruto Shippuden: This Scene According To Fans Is A Masterpiece

Now Naruto itself is a masterpiece, and no anime could make us forget that. But here’s a scene, which according to fans, is the masterpiece.

The Most Relatable?

Naruto series is and will always be one of the best anime out there. No matter what people tell, Naruto and his friends made us laugh, cry, sob, and kept us hooked.

Even though we loved it so much, only a few things could be connected to real life. I mean, basically, they were ninja and were constantly at war.

Lucky for many of us, we never had to experience any war or any of those situations in the anime. But one thing that got every fan feeling was the scene during the Five Kage Summit in Shippuden.

Bad to The Bone Sasuke

Sasuke had a way of annoying us during half of Shippuden. We just felt like punching him, and the feeling was the same for many, but it wasn’t the same for Naruto.

Even Sakura gave up on Sasuke, but Naruto never did. Sometimes even we felt that Naruto was too much to think Sasuke will turn good.

Sasuke never showed a drop of compassion throughout the series. He kept becoming colder and alienated everyone. No matter how you put it, Sasuke was a colossal pain in the butt.

Not A Worthy Hokage

Naruto vowed to bring Sasuke back. And the fact that he heard Sasuke was declared enemy of Konoha didn’t help him a little bit.

We saw Naruto actually have an anxiety attack and fall when he heard the news. That just showed that even anime had all kinds of problems also that Naruto was not just words.

He lost his breath when he heard that, and many fans actually connected well with Naruto in this scene. Anxiety attacks are normal, and the anime showed it way before any other shows.

Also, the way Naruto reacted was not just that he may have lost Sasuke to the dark side; it was also because that means he cannot become Hokage.

According to Naruto, if a person can’t keep their word and cannot bring back his own friend from the dark side, then he is not worthy of being responsible for the whole village.

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