The Witcher: What Was Geralt’s Third Wish With The Djinn?


The second season of the Witcher will have to answer many questions, and one of the most asked ones is ‘What was Geralt’s third wish?’

Furious Yennefer

Now the third wish didn’t matter at first when Geralt actually made it as it saved the greedy Mage. But during their journey to hunt/protect the Dragon, we find out how furious Yennefer is.

Now, we have a clear idea that they won’t end up together. That’s how it happened in the books, and that’s how the Golden Dragon also predicted.


Now, even though Geralt thought the Golden Dragons are a myth, he knows that his words might be true.

But keep this in mind; that doesn’t make it easier.

Future together?

Yennefer and Geralt are now linked together by fate. And as we know, fate and destiny are some significant deciding factors in the Witcher Universe.

According to Yennefer, their fate is bound together because of Geralt’s stupid wish, and according to the Golden Dragon, they have no future together.

Those two kinda contradicts each other, but it also makes sense when you look into it.

What was his wish?

As of now, the wish is not clearly told. We know that Geralt wanted to save Yennefer and so made his wish accordingly.

We also know that the feelings Geralt has for her have nothing to do with fate, but mages are superstitious so, no arguments there.

Now, the show has followed some new ways, taken things their own way, and twisted the stories, so we are unsure what will be the end for Yennefer and Geralt’s love life.

Even in the books, the wish is not written down to the point, so the show writers have a lot of work.

Geralt and destiny

Now, as we know, Geralt doesn’t mind about destiny and fate, but he keeps getting caught with it somehow.


What was it that Geralt said that made the Djinn leave? As we already know, they are tricky creatures and will find a loophole in every wish.

Also, not to forget, Yennefer did kinda decided to become a wish-granting vessel herself, so there are chances that it was mighty pissed.

So, no matter what Geralt’s wish was, it should have been deep and something far beyond the Djinn’s authority to manipulate.

So, it looks like we would have to wait for the second season to release to find out the actual wish that bound Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer forever.

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