WandaVision: Every Question Episode 9 Needs To Cover!


Remember when Teyonah Parris said the finale would be incredibly sad? Well, guess what? That’s started already as we took a walk down memory lane.

Wanda’s life has been hard, and to be frank, now we get why Kevin Feige said she was the one who lost the most in the MCU. While many think it’s Thor, after this episode, many might change their minds.

The 8th episode of WandaVision gave us some very detailed moments of the past that led to the current day West View problem; here are the questions we need answers in the 9th episode.

Agatha Harkness Friend or Foe?



We have a pretty good idea of her past now and why she is in West View. We also know that she has no intention of killing anyone other than Wanda.

And also, for a person who was feared because she has weird powers, Agatha should actually get Wanda’s pain, but guess what, she is just a hypocrite.

We now know that Agatha has been doing some stupid stuff, but she has no other intentions and is definitely not working for Mephisto.

So, there are chances that she gets her head cleared at the start of the next episode and helps Wanda and Vision to take down the White Vision.


Wanda And New Vision?


Yupe, by the end of the 8th episode, we are sure that Wanda didn’t touch the Vision in the SWORD HQ and that Hayward just showed an edited video to Monica Rambeau.

It is pretty clear that Agatha might become an ally soon and that the only enemy they have to face in the finale will be the new Vision version.

When is Doctor Strange coming?



We know that he is coming, and we thought that would be the way they take down Mephisto. But guess we were wrong.

Doctor Strange is definitely coming, and it won’t be to take down you know who but to take down White Vision and Hayward’s tricks.

Remember Agatha saying how Wanda’s magic created the curiosity in her, so definitely that’s how Doctor Strange gets to know about the bubble and its happenings.

Twins, are they real?



After Agatha announced that Wanda is the Scarlet Witch, we also get to hear that she could create and destroy as she wants.

Now, these powers are seen in the comics, and clearly, Wanda has no idea about any of them. And Agatha, already being someone mighty dark and powerful, thinks Wanda is dangerous and something of a myth.

So, by this, we know the Vision and Twins inside the bubble are fake. So, they won’t live when the bubble is taken down. But the others will live as they have been just modified.

The connection to Loki Series being established?



Now with Agatha establishing the fact that Wanda is a Nexus being, we know who keeps accounts of them.

Well, it the Time Variance Authority. Yeah, the one we saw in the Loki Series trailer. The one Loki ends up working after he messes up with the timelines.

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