Thor: Love and Thunder: All About Gorr the God Butcher


Something severely lacking from the first “Thor: Love and Thunder” trailer was the presence of a villain for our heroes to do battle against. Thankfully, the new trailer makes up for this discrepancy with a few glimpses at Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale). Of the few shots we get of him, he’s shown wearing simple white robes, wielding a black sword that fans should immediately peg as a Necrosword, and occupying a spooky black-and-white locale that bears a striking resemblance to the terrifying Necroverse. Gorr reveals himself to be disconcertingly soft-spoken, methodical, and more than a little scary, just like his comic book counterpart.

Thor: Love and Thunder' Trailer Reveals Gorr the God Butcher - Variety

Compared to the likes of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), Gorr hasn’t spent long on the pages of Marvel Comics. Debuting in 2012’s “Thor: God of Thunder” No. 2, he’s depicted as a pious individual who retains his faith as crisis after crisis unfolds around him. Following the demise of his family, he begins to question the existence of the god he prays to, later happening upon two deities in battle. Enraged by their indifference to his suffering, he kills one using All-Black the Necrosword, beginning his universe-wide crusade to murder all remaining gods.

Gorr was an alien that lived on a very substandard planet, with no food or water.


Gorr saw his children die by starvation or being killed by wild beasts, even though all the other members of his tribe still wished to worship their gods, this caused Gorr to revolt against the gods.

He was then exiled for blasphemy, and while he walked the wastelands waiting for his death, he saw two beings in the ground, both gods that were stuck together trying to kill each other.


One of the gods asked for Gorr’s help, but he refused, why should he help the god if the gods never cared for him and his people? Gorr killed the god that asked for his help, he noticed that now he could avenge him and his family, now Gorr was The God Butcher, and he would make all gods bleed and die!


Gorr is very powerful his weapon the Necrosword feeds on the blood of gods, the more gods Gorr kills the more powerful he’ll become.

His biggest feat was being able to defeat Thor (the “normal” Avengers one) Old King Thor (an older and more powerful Thor from the future) and young Thor.

It’s hard to tell how closely the “Love and Thunder” version of Gorr will follow the path of the source material, but one thing is abundantly clear from this trailer: he’s no one to mess with.

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