Tokyo Revengers Chapter 220 Release Date and Spoilers!

Tokyo Revengers popularity is greatly increasing day by day becoming one of the best selling mangas of this year. As the creator continues to release new chapters, the fan base keeps expanding due to its intriguing plot and interesting characters. 

Authored by Ken Wakui, the manga series has been serialised in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine since March 2017. In the previous chapter, it was implied that the events which happened to the Tokyo Manji Gang might be repeated. Read on to find out more about the upcoming Chapter 220. 

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 220 Release Date

The new chapter of Tokyo Revengers is released on Wednesday of every week. And if there are no delays then expect Chapter 220 to come out this Wednesday on 1 September 2021. If there are any changes, we will update them here, so do check in on our website. 

As for the raw scans, it will likely be released around 29th August 2021. The series has been so successful that it managed to surpass Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen in its latest rating.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 219 Recap


In the latest chapter, it unfolded some events which left fans all over the world pretty excited about it.

  1. Hanagaki Takemichi and Senju Kawaragi spent some quality time at the amusement park. They also shared some meaningful conversations.
  2. As they got down from their rides and headed towards the Tanzaku festival, Senju made a wish to protect Takemichi, while his wish was to defeat Mikey.
  3. A revelation was made by the leader of the Brahman gang about her brother Takeomi, whose idea has shifted from making the gang strong to expanding it instead.
  4. Kawaragi also shared with Takemichi that she plans to be the number deity and believes that she can defeat the other gangs alone. 
  5. The time traveller promised to protect Senju and even shook hands on it. 
  6. Takemichi’s vision came back while he realised that this time his vision seems more clear and definite, and so expects the events to unfold on the same day.
  7. Meanwhile, we witnessed Inupi informing Draken that the guys from Rokuhara Tandai are chasing after Takemichi.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 220 Spoilers


We have no clue of what will unfold in the upcoming chapter which will be released this week. However, some events can be speculated to happen in Chapter 220. 

  1. A shadow of danger seems to be looming over Senju and Takemichi and in Chapter 220, we will see if he will be able to save her.
  2. Just like how the author surprised us with the date between Takemichi and Senju, it is exciting to imagine how their relationship will develop further.
  3. In the previous instalment, the Rokuhara Tandai gang was planning to ambush the amusement park. So fans are eager to see how Takemichi will handle the situation.

Where to read Tokyo Revengers?

Kodansha website and Mangamo are the best websites to read the famous chapters of Tokyo Revengers.


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