Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 Release Date and Spoilers


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 was full of scary fights, emotional outbursts, and replete with drama. We saw not two but three gangs gather to engage in a bloody fight with each other. Even Mikey appears out of the blue and nothing seems clear at this point. 

The recent chapter has left us with a lot more questions than we had before we read. This sad lived experience of many desperate fans has made them curious to read the next chapter urgently. 

To find out more about Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226, read on for we bring you the latest news updates researched with care. 

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 Release Date

The upcoming chapter is getting released on the 13th of October 2021. As of now, no one has announced any delays. 

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225 Recap

Here’s a brief recap of what is going to happen in the previous chapter:

Tokyo Revengers Mikey

The chapter begins with Mikey and the rest of his new gang, the Kantou Manji Gang making their entry into the tense scene. The three gangs have all gathered at the same place and things don’t seem to get worse.


We see an emotional Takeomi scream that all of this is for the deceased Draken. South announces that the three deities will fight each other to death soon. Senju fails to dissipate the angry mood of the crowd despite several attempts. 

After Koko is told by Mikey to keenly observe the chaos and violence ensuing, the former asks him what he’s going to do. Mikey calmly explains he’ll take the backseat and watch and leave it to Haruchiyo. Shocked and confused, Koko asks him if he has stopped caring about “it” while Mikey feigns ignorance. 

The Haitani brothers, Kakucho, and South start attacking Brahman first. Visibly distressed, Takeomi questions South as to why he murdered Draken. While engaging in some brief skirmishes, before South could beat him up, Wakasa and Benkei stop him from proceeding. 



Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 Spoilers

The raw scans of the upcoming chapter haven’t been released yet. However, it’s reasonably sound to speculate that we’ll be seeing a faceoff between Wakasa and Benkei and South. We can’t wait to get the weekly dose of testosterone! 

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Where To Read

You can read it from the Kodansha website or the Mangamo app.

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